Maryland Hires Gary Williams For Senior Role in Athletics Department

Gary Williams brought the University of Maryland into the national spotlight with a successful 22-year run as the Terrapins’ men’s basketball coach, including a national championship in 2002. After retiring, Williams took a job as a college basketball analyst on Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic, where he’d offer his insight on games as well as the annual selection of the brackets for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Now, Williams is back as an employee of the Athletics Department in College Park.

On Sept. 10, Williams, a Naismith Memorial and College Basketball Hall of Fame coach, was named the Senior Managing Director for Alumni Relations and Athletic Development. He’ll have a leardership role in the Division of University Relations, and will oversee fundraising for the University of Maryland Athletic Department. According to the Athletic Department, Williams will be in charge of a fundraising operation that raises more than $8 million for athletic scholarships. He’ll also be in charge of the Terrapin Club Scholarship Fund, which has more than 8,000 donors. The university says Williams will be focusing on raising money to renovate current athletic facilities and build new ones. Williams feels that his new job is about building up “Maryland Pride.”

“Our move to the Big Ten, the research that we do here, the students that study here, there’s a lot to be proud of,” Williams said in the statement released by the Athletic Department. As part of his new job, the university says Williams will be working to increase engagement and donations from more than 320,000 University of Maryland alumni, as well as alumni outreach on campus. He’ll also help manage the university’s new regional development plans in New York, Baltimore, South Florida and Los Angeles. Williams will also serve as the spokesman for the Alumni Association’s 25th Anniversary Celebration.

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh called the announcement of Williams’ new role an exciting moment in school history, and described it as not being much different than his previous job of coaching basketball.

“I like to think of Gary Williams as our new head coach of athletic fundraising and alumni outreach,” Loh said, adding that he feels Williams will be just as successful off the court as he was on it. Director of Athletics Kevin Anderson feels that Williams is the best person to represent the University of Maryland, and jumped at the opportunity to add him to the department’s leadership.

“When the opportunity presented itself to add Gary to our leadership team, we were eager to offer him this position to spearhead our fundraising efforts for scholarships and capital improvements,” Anderson said. He cited Williams’ time as a player, coach and ambassador for the university over the past 50 years.

“Gary represents our ‘Proud Past,’ and will be instrumental as we welcome the new ‘Fearless Future’ era at the University of Maryland,” Anderson said.

This won’t be Williams’ first time being in charge of fundraising for the university. He was a co-chair of the school’s $1 billion “Great Expectations” capital campaign.

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