UB focuses on new freshmen program, with more professional and career-oriented approach

This fall, we have welcomed our new University President, Kurt Schmoke, along with many other exciting and new programs and services for UB’s freshmen students.

The University of Baltimore will continue to admit more incoming freshmen students to strengthen the connection between the first-year program and UB’s career-oriented focus in law, public affairs, business and the applied liberal arts.

Freshmen students will find success in the Finish4Free freshmen program that launched last spring, which offers first-time freshmen who are on track to graduate within four years free tuition in their final semester and the new advising and support feature, “one-stop shop.”  President Kurt Schmoke believes that “UB can best fulfill its mission by continuing to admit freshman students and by developing a more targeted freshman program that is closely aligned with UB’s career-oriented, professional offering,” a statement that he sent out to students, faculty and staff.

The University launched the integrated “one-stop shop” service to enhance the fulfilling UB freshman student experience.

To find out more about Finish4Free, please visit: http://www.ubalt.edu/admission/freshmen/finish4free.cfm

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