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We’re still searching for my male counterpart. Know a guy who likes trying out new stuff, isn’t afraid to voice his opinions, and can string a couple sentences together? If so, have them apply at If we can’t find someone, you guys may just be stuck with me from here on out.

I’m giving you two boxes this month, one is for the females, and the other is a local Baltimore box.

Wantable Accessories

Inside my box Ashlee Necklace (RV $32.00) Carolynn Earrings (RV $16.00) Helga Ring Gold Size 8 (RV $16.00) Vernie Earrings Gold (RV$12.00)
Inside my box
Ashlee Necklace (RV $32.00) Carolynn Earrings (RV $16.00) Helga Ring Gold Size 8 (RV $16.00) Vernie Earrings Gold (RV$12.00)

Wantable is a four-way subscription box, offering their monthly boxes in Makeup, Fitness, Intimates (reviewed last month), or Accessories (this month’s feature). This is a regular subscription of mine and I pay $36.00/month as a subscriber, although you can get a one-time box for $40; shipping is included for free in both options. You can skip months, so you’ll definitely save money by signing up for the subscription options.

All of Wantable’s options require a survey so that they can customize your box to your tastes. I have been a subscriber for about seven months now to the Accessories box and in the past have had extremely successful boxes (last month’s value was $106!!) Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with this month’s offering; while the value was $76, it wasn’t a perfect match for me. I believe this is partially my fault and I’ll be revising my preferences for next month. I’ll probably put rings in “dislike” for now as I haven’t been overly impressed with them. I also will probably only select one metal color at a time so that the stylists can get a better feel for my personal style.

My Preferences Love






Bracelets Earrings


Mix ‘n Match Hair Accessories


Rock ‘n Roll

I absolutely love the Ashlee necklace; it’s the perfect statement piece, colorful, and a great length. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan of the rest of the box. The Vernie Earrings and Helga Ring seem to match, both brushed gold, but both a little boring I suppose for me. I’m sure I could make them work, but I’d prefer to swap them and get something that I absolutely love. Same thing goes for the Carolynn Earrings—not impressed, but they are simple and sophisticate and imagine that a lot of people might like them, but I’m not a fan of solid metal drop or hoop earrings.

B-more Box

Pleasantly surprised by the variety of the B-more box’s offerings.
Pleasantly surprised by the variety of the B-more box’s offerings.

I was contacted by Cory Shaffer, the CEO of The B-more Box, a brand new box that just launched. He asked if we wouldn’t mind reviewing their box and of course I said yes because I absolutely love this concept and can’t believe it took this long for the concept to emerge. Disclosure: The UB Post did not pay for this subscription. We requested that they send us an actual subscription box and not a blogger box so that we could properly review the box as subscribers would receive it.

The B-more Box comes four different ways, The B-More Standard Box (5-7 items), for Outta-Towners (7-9 items), Standard Lite(3-6 items), for Outta-Towners Lite (3-6 items) and range from $20-35/per month, plus shipping (approximately $5.00 for Maryland Residents). Boxes ship the first week of each month and include a variety of items that Maryland and Baltimore have to offer from food to art to decorations to merchandise.

My mom was visiting when I opened the box so she and I both got excited about it. The first thing we noticed was the travel mug, which exuded Maryland pride. Next, our attention went to the PlakThat Maryland flag print, which is proudly sitting on one of my book shelves now. The company does a fabulous job and has a wide variety of prints, so I may be going to get some more in the future. I could instantly smell the Unwined candle, a company that I’m familiar with from attending various food and wine festivals in the area every year and the scent was perfect for me; I can’t wait to burn it! A big fan of Baltimore Coffee and Tea myself, I was super excited to see this in my box.

I was introduced to Mouth Party Caramels last year when I covered the Farm to Chef Gala at the Visual Arts Museum and found this perfect evening treat in my swag bag. These caramels aren’t too chewy and are the perfect blend of salty and sweet. HomeTeam Snacks Crab Curls with Cheese are a new product to me and a sign that I need to attend more Baltimore sporting events. These were tasty, but past the “best buy” date on the back, so I imagine they’d have been even better had they been within that time period. The Baltimore BBQ Sauce was a nice surprise and something I haven’t had the privilege of trying in the past; I made ribs and used the sauce and it was perfect as is. They also have a Chesapeake version, which now I absolutely must try!

If I had to sum up my experience with this box, I would say it’s definitely a must have for all things Baltimore and Maryland and a box I’ll consider budgeting for. I don’t know that I could do it every month due to a space issue in my apartment, but definitely something I would enjoy buying as a one-time box occasionally, if they would allow it as an option.

All photos courtesy of Jessica Greenstein.

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