December 2014: Letter From the Editor

Are you ready for finals yet? We’re a mere three weeks away—or maybe you’ve already started looking toward winter break or for some, graduation? Either way, they’re all fast approaching so buckle your seatbelt!

This will be the final issue of The Post for the semester and year and we will resume production again next year for our February issue, which will be on stands Jan. 27, so if you have a special shout- out or something you’d like to say to the one you love, please send it to us so that we can print it. Did you know that students get a free classified ad? We think Twitter has a good thing going, so keep your ads or Valentine’s shout-outs to 140 characters or less please. We will have new content available online throughout our hiatus and we will be working diligently to bring you another great semester in the Spring.

It was brought to our attention that Mia White’s article last month, which featured the changing color of the leaves in the area was printed on a black and white page and therefore did not do justice to her photos; we have decided to re-publish them below for your enjoyment.

To our staff that will be graduating and going on to greater pursuits: Chris Tapia, thank you so much for stepping up to the plate this semester and really making the paper shine. While your time with us was brief, it was no less appreciated and we will greatly miss you. Ben Land, I wish you all the best of luck with your future endeavors. I have enjoyed working with you over the past year and a half, reading your articles, and I will surely miss your presence in the newsroom.

To everyone else, have a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy December Holidays (I’m a Jewish woman who has always had a Christmas tree; politically correct is not my forte), and Happy New Year. Please be safe and we will see you back on campus in January!

What are we missing? What do you want to see more or less of? Let us know! Please email me at Also, don’t forget to Like Us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@theubpost), and subscribe to our newsletter (

Photo Correction

In our previous issue, we incorrectly credited a photo of Bunny Vicious. The photo below was actually taken by Stacey Lynne Atwell, of Stacey Atwell Photography. The UB Post apologizes for any confusion.



Letter to the Editor

Reader J.C. Weiss, Senior Lecturer, and Executive in Residence for Finance at UB, wrote the following letter:

Dear Jessica,
The UB Post’s new look and content are great, however, I was disappointed that the “Seeing fall colors …” photos on page 11 were only in black and white, a bit of a disconnect with the article’s title and a disservice to the photographer.

Keep up the good work, John C. Weiss

Thanks for the feedback, Mr. Weiss! We agree. See the photos from Mia White’s article, in full color here:


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