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Are you hungry for knowledge or just plain hungry?

Do you want to meet new people or chat with friends from last semester? Check out the Library Cupcake Party Jan. 27 from 3 4 p.m. Stay awhile and get to know the librarians. Wander around. Check out some books.

Take a look at The Cupcake Diaries, the true tale of two women starting a cupcake bakery in Georgetown. The book includes recipes, which could come in handy when the library runs out of cupcakes.

Luckily, the library won’t run out of books anytime soon.

Did you miss the Library Cupcake Party? The Cupcake Diaries can be checked out year round.

Are you still in the mood for dessert? Do you want to learn about the local flavor? Are you an entrepreneur eager for inspiration? Maybe you’re all three. “Ace of Cakes” explores the inside story of Baltimore-based business Charm City Cakes.

 Reference and instruction Librarian Peter Ramsey checks out books on food.

Reference and instruction Librarian Peter Ramsey checks out books on food.

Are health and the environment more your cup of green tea? Check out the The Third Plate, a recent addition to the library’s collection. Just published in 2014, the book discusses sustainability and food.

Could urban farming be in your future? Flip through Carrot City. Or check out Breaking through Concrete. Both books explore urban agricultural endeavors.

For fast facts, The Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food will fill you in.

Learn where your meat may be coming from in Animal Factory and The Chain.

For fast-food-for-thought, check out the library’s DVD collection. Super Size Me and Food Inc. can both be borrowed for free. Other free DVD rentals include Tapped, which explores issues surrounding the bottled water industry and Forks over Knives, which discusses recent research on health and diet. Watch In Organic We Trust and find out what’s behind food labelling and marketing.

Do you like lunchtime conversations? Attend the library’s Lunch and Learn series. Speakers from the Merrick School of Business, the School of Criminal Justice, and the Klein Family School of Communications Design will be leading discussions at the library. The library is planning one session each month.

For more information on the Lunch and Learn series, please contact Mike Kiel at

For more books and DVDs on food issues, check out this link: coversonly/3513839.

Photo Credit: Laura Melemad

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