DDG’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015

By Christopher Warman

The Digital Designers Guild, UB’s game development and design club, issued a survey to its members to find out their most anticipated releases for 2015. Presented below some of the coolest games making their way to retailers this year. And, if you’d like to find out more about the club, find them on OrgSync!

10. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

Platform: PC | PS4 | XB1

Anticipated Release: May 19th

The final entry in the current story from Polish developer CD Projekt RED may not be a household name in games, but The Witcher series is in a class of fantasy role-playing games all its own. The game centers on series protagonist Geralt of Rivia, aka the eponymous witcher, a wandering monster-hunting superhuman mercenary. The game features a ridiculously open-world environment, more than 100 hours of gameplay, and some positively badass creatures to hunt and battle. If you liked Skyrim, be sure to check this out.

9. Splatoon

Platform: Wii U

Anticipated Release: May

What if Nintendo produced a multiplayer-focused team arena shooter, à la Call of Duty or Battlefield? But, instead of playing as gruff, ultra- nationalistic supersoldiers, you played as squid people that walk and run and jump as people, but turn into squids when they swim? And instead of the metric for success being how many times your team killed the other, you win by covering more of the level in your team’s color of ink? That would be pretty cool, right? The first original franchise from Nintendo for the Wii U is that game. It’s called Splatoon. Get hyped.

8. Batman: Arkham Knight 

Platform: PC | PS4 | XB1

Anticipated Release: June 2nd

Six years ago, Rocksteady Entertainment broke the curse of horrible superhero games with Batman: Arkham Asylum, a Batman game that actually made you feel like the goddamn Batman. It had everything: ample, clever detective work, a fluid combat system, and gadgets galore, as well as a world with villains that hit the sweet spot between the Nolan and Burton movies. They perfected that formula in a huge, open-world cityscape in Arkham City. And now comes the true sequel (let’s just disregard Arkham Origins), Batman: Arkham Knight, promising more Batman, a larger chunk of Gotham to explore, and, for the first time, the freaking Batmobile. Fan service? Yes, please.

7. Star Wars: Battlefront 

Platform: PC | PS4 | XB1

Anticipated Release: Late 2015

Back in the PS2 and Xbox days, a pair of games were released called Star Wars: Battlefront. They took the focus of Star Wars away from the central characters and put players in the shoes of insignificant grunts. And through those grunts, players were able to experience all of the epic battles of Star Wars cinematic history (and then some) and then take those epic battles online with a ludicrous number of friends. The series is finally making a comeback this year via EA Games. Not much has been shown officially, but it will be using the Frostbite Engine (of Battlefield fame) and the teasers have been tantalizing.

6. Mortal Kombat X 

Platform: PC | PS3 | PS4 | 360 | XB1

Anticipated Release: June 2nd

Yes, Mortal Kombat X handily beat out Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 and is the only fighting game on this list. Will it be dumb, brutal, and crude?

Almost certainly. Will it also be a lot of fun? We expect so. New characters, new fatalities, new moments with you and your friends screaming at a television. And with NetherRealm Studios, of the previous Mortal Kombat game and Injustice: Gods Among Us, returning as developer, this seems like it will turn out to be a really solid, competitive fighting game.

5. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 

Platform: PS4

Anticipated Release 2015

Sony showed off a pretty sweet 15-minute gameplay clip of Uncharted 4 this past December from Naughty Dog (developer of the Unchartedgames, The Last of Us, and, further back, the Jak & Daxter and Crash Bandicoot games). Nothing earth-shatteringly different from the previous entries; it’s more globe- trotting, high-octane, Indiana Jones style and exploration meets Gears of War gunplay. But the gameplay seems to have gone through some great tweaks that open up more choices to the player, the level design and enemy AI are deeper and more dynamic than ever before, and, damn, are those digital jungles lush (among the lushest we’ve seen, we’d say).

4. The Order 1886

Platform: PS4

Anticipated Release Feb 20th

This game will be out by the time you read this, so maybe you already bought this, we don’t know. But, The Order: 1886 is still among one of our most anticipated games this year. Premise: You are one of four elite paranormal beast hunters in steampunk Victorian England, and you’re going to shoot things with a lightning gun, among other weapons. The game may only be five hours long, but it’s going to be quite a ride while it lasts.

3. Persona 5

Platform PS3 | PS4

Anticipated Release 2015

The latest in the long-running line of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Japanese roleplaying games, Persona 5 looks to be another deft mix of epic turn-based battles and high school dating sim. Now, really, anytime you hear “+ dating sim” in a game’s description, it should be a must-buy, but the Persona games are perfectly crafted quilts of disparate gameplay mechanics. It’s a visual novel, it’s an RPG, it’s a cover shooter, it’s a platformer, it’s Persona! Any human being with a sense of humor and hope for joy in their life needs to keep this title on their radar.

2. Halo 5: Guardians

Platform: XB1

Anticipated Release 2015

According to participants in last year’s Halo 5 beta, the latest entry in the storied franchise will see some of the biggest shifts the series has seen in the all-important multiplayer arena since Halo 2, specifically, a wilder, faster, more chaotic f low to the matches. Reportedly, just about everything, from the balancing of the weapons to the maneuverability of the players, feels tuned to up the tempo of multiplayer bouts. Most details are held tight for the time being, but, alas, this is Halo. You know the classic flavor, even if developer 343 Studios is finally starting to make their own mark on the series.

1. Legend of Zelda Wii U 

Platform Wii U

Anticipated Release: 2015

Finally, our most anticipated game of the year doesn’t even have an official title yet. And all that has really been shown so far of the game is some slow-motion archery and slick horseback riding mechanics. But the promise of a new Legend of Zelda game is enough to get the pulse pounding. And the promise of a new Legend of Zelda in an open world Hyrule that series producer Eiji Aonuma says is “as large a world as can be realized with the hardware” is enough to issue cardiac arrest. The scope, from what little gameplay has been shown, looks incomparable to anything else in the series. We’re very excited to see where this goes.

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