Student Spotlight

Students making the most of summer

Students are making their way back to UB after a much needed summer break. Surviving spring semester, whether undergrad or grad, is a great achievement. Nonetheless, summer is the ultimate reward. While some students spent summer working or taking a course, others had the time to travel, network and enjoy it.

Three students made the best of their summers, including sightseeing around the world. Maurice Washington, a Publications Design Major went on a friendly family vacation to Jamaica for a week. This was his first time seeing Jamaica and he wanted to soak up every moment. “We spent our time at Ocho Rios. I loved Dunn’s River Falls. I did a lot of swimming in the ocean, deep sea snorkeling, and enjoying the peacefulness and scenery,” Washington says.

With two more semesters to go before graduation, Washington wanted to remember what he calls one of his best vacations. When asked about anything interesting in Jamaica, he surprisingly joked about there being a lot of Burger Kings. “I enjoyed going to the street food vendors and taste testing different food…especially the Jerk chicken.”

Regina Pratscher, Applied Information Technology major, left Mary- land to travel to New York to meet up with one of her good friends. From there, Pratscher flew to Europe and stayed for a month. She then visited Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia.


“I like to travel. I love to go back to Austria, where I’m from. This summer was insanely hot, so I spent most of my time by the pool and exploring their cities and countries,” Pratscher adds. Relaxation was a goal she set for the summer and now she’s ready to get back into the swing of things, taking some programming courses and a fun elective, Zombies in Pop Culture for the fall.

The majority of Sharay Bennett’s summer consisted of work and summer classes, until she got an invite to the Summer Spirit music Festival, where Grammy winning R&B and neo-soul acts Erykah Badu, Anthony Hamilton, Tony! Toni! Tone! and Floetry performed. The Publications Design major listed the festival as her biggest highlight of the summer. “I got to see my favorite artists, Estelle, The Junkyard Band, and Avery Sunshine perform,” she adds. “Great seats, good music and nice company. It was the best experience.”

Now these three students, along with other students can share their summer activities with their new classmates and professors.

Photo Credit: Regina Pratscher

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