Diversity, culture, and standing with Mizzou

The year 2015 and many before have demonstrated the rising racial tensions in America. Recently, African American students at Mizzou University expressed their concerns and demands regarding racial discrimination. The students decided enough was enough, causing an abrupt and violently negative reaction from some non African-Americans around them. The terrorist group known as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) has plagued the students. Students have taken steps of activism to voice their opinions and tell the world about the racial injustices happening on their campus. Because of this other colleges have been responding to Mizzou University and standing in solidarity.

On Thursday, November 12, students at UB decided to wear all black in support of the Mizzou students. Various students and student organizations (WoCsa, BSU, BLSA, ISA, SEB, SGA, ASU) also decided to come together in solidarity to discuss Mizzou University and to discuss emotions, reactionary plans, and the environment here at University of Baltimore.  The meeting took place on the first floor of the business center with an assortment of comments and attitudes. David Reynard, Ashley Whidby, Eunice Onwuchekwa, and Duane Bond mediated while intently listening to what attendees had to say.

Photo Credit: Nicholas Jones
                                          Photo Credit: Nicholas Jones

All were welcome to attend because these are important issues that affect all students in some regard. These organizations felt it necessary for people of color and other minority groups to be able to discuss and identify micro aggressions and acts of discrimination. It is also important for students to know they are not alone and have other people that can talk to them and help them.

Many students on UB’S campus have faced micro aggressions and feel something must be said or done about the small acts of injustice. Students have also noticed the lack of diversity in faculty and would like to see changes implemented around campus. The minority groups on campus would like to see more diversity in student media and faculty because the student body has become extraordinarily diverse.

The events at Mizzou University added to the collection of racially charged incidents plaguing the nation and the globe today. These events happened on a college campus which lets students know, they are not alone but they have power to speak up and let what is happening be known. Situations like these teach lessons of diversity and culture that need to be addressed in academia and other environments throughout the world.

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