Fashion Cents: how to be stylish without offending grandma

By: Sakina Stamper, Contributor

Going home for the holidays doesn’t mean it is time to break out that hideous reindeer sweater Grandma gave you ten years ago. Feel free to save that for the ugly holiday sweater contest, or even honor it by keeping it in your memory box. The holidays are a time for sharing love, peace, and style. Whether you are dressing for a corporate holiday party or dinner with your family, you can still break the barriers between modest and sassy fashion.

One of the best things about this season is that the 2015 color of the year, marsala, is being seen all over the fashion runway and in every fashion store. Initially, many were concerned about marsala being the color of the year, deeming it too “dark and lackluster,” but during the holiday season it’s just the pop of color you need to turn your holiday outfit from dreary to dreamy.

You don’t have to be dressed like a Christmas tree, wear a sweatshirt with the Kwanzaa symbols on the front, or have on the latest pair of dreidel earrings to be in Grandma’s good graces. Let’s face it, pleasing Grandma is important, but that does not mean our sense of fashion has to leave us. One surefire way to impress her this holiday season is to give her a gift she will love inspired by her sense of fashion, and implementing that style into your own holiday attire. For example, my grandmother loves broaches. So not only will I show up at the family holiday dinner with a carefully giftwrapped broach for my grandmother, but I will also add some fun bling to my holiday outfit by wearing a matching bedazzled broach. The brownie points will be out of this world, plus whatever else I have on will be downplayed in her eyes because she will be so enraptured by the broach.

Below you will find my top list of ways to be fashionable without offending Grandma:

  • Don’t show too much skin! It’s cold anyway so make sure you cover up in some fashionable threads. What to wear to cover up? Try a sweater, vest, or duster!
  • Layers! Add fun layers to your holiday outfit with a fashionable scarf that can be worn numerous ways. Infinity scarves are still the rave.
  • Respect our counterparts that make up the ecosystem! What does that mean?  If you are going to rock leather or fur, make sure it is faux.
  • Make sure your outfit fits. Even if you believe your clothes always fit, just remember: grandma doesn’t like too tight or too loose fitting clothing
  • Ladies, save the short mini dress for the holiday partying with your friends and make sure the dress/skirt you wear around grandma passes the fingertip test.
  • Most of all, don’t be afraid to be festive!  Be inspired by your favorite holiday colors such as green and red.
  • Accessorize yourself by adding some holiday flowers such as mistletoe or Poinsettias.

Following the above tips will not only have you impressing Grandma at the dinner table, but you will be full of confidence at your next corporate holiday party!

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