The Diversity and Culture Center host ‘Dinner and a Movie’

By Matt Nickelson, Contributor

Recently, the Diversity and Culture Center hosted a dinner and a movie event, which is held once a month in room 002 where a projector and screen are set up.  Pizza, salad, and drinks are provided. The featured movie this month was a heart wrenching documentary tilted “We Shall Remain: Wounded Knee.” This particular documentary was shown because November is Native American Heritage Month. There were 10 students from different backgrounds that attended to learn and expand upon their knowledge of Native American culture and the struggles Native Americans have faced throughout history.

The documentary also served as a platform for discussion. After viewing the film there was a thought provoking conversation that was initiated by a few of the students connected with the Diversity and Culture Center.

The mission statement of the Diversity and Culture Center states that they are here to promote and “sustain an inclusive community that supports personal growth and intellectual exploration by building bridges of multicultural and international understanding through academic excellence, cultural awareness and leadership development.” The Center is open to all UB students and offers a wide variety of cultural awareness and diversity education.

The goal of the Diversity and Culture Center “is not to make everyone the same, but to promote recognition and appreciation of the different cultural threads that make up the UB campus community.”  Access the Diversity and Culture Center’s website to learn more about current and future event.

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