TV shows worth watching this fall

By: Wes Cooper, Copyeditor

Along with the fall season comes new seasons of TV shows. This fall, there are many entertaining TV shows airing. Whether you’re interested in comedy, drama, or suspense there is an interesting show for you. Some of the best TV shows airing this fall are “Fargo,” “Gotham,” “The Man in the High Castle” and “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”


The TV series “Fargo,” based off the movie with the same name, is currently on its second season. The second season of “Fargo” has a slightly different storyline than the first season. The second season is about a murder that took place in North Dakota during the 1970s. “Fargo’s” second season is very similar to the first in that they both follow the stories of characters getting mistakenly caught up in crime. However, the second season of “Fargo” seems to be a little more serious and dramatic than the first, but it still has some good comedic moments. “Fargo’s” mix of dark comedy, drama, suspense, and great acting makes it a show worth watching for anyone that enjoys a good crime drama.


“Gotham” is a TV series about the Batman universe before Bruce Wayne became Batman. Bruce Wayne, Poison Ivy, and Cat Woman are all children while Commissioner Gordon is still moving up the ranks in the police force. Each episode of Gotham does two things: it follows the stories of Gotham City police detectives investigating criminal plots and reveals how the characters in Gotham City became villains and heroes. Many of these criminal plots are different from other TV shows in that “Gotham’s” storylines often involve more fantasy and less realism. Overall, “Gotham’s” mix of a gritty crime drama and the batman fantasy universe makes for an interesting show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. “Gotham” is available to watch on Hulu and Fox.

“The Man in the High Castle”

“The Man in the High Castle,” available to watch on Amazon Instant Video, has the most interesting setting of all the TV shows airing this fall. This TV series takes place in a world where the Axis won World War II. The United States is also divided into three separate parts. One part of the United States is under Japanese control, another part under German control, and the third part is a neutral territory. Slavery is back in the United States, minorities are harassed by the Germans, and the Japanese and Germans are the two world super powers. “The Man in the High Castle” follows the story of a revolutionary group trying to overthrow their fascist rulers. The very interesting story line and the plot twists that come along the way make for a gripping TV show that is certainly worth watching.

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is a satirical TV series that airs once a week on HBO. The TV series combines the intelligent discussion of social issues, often ignored by the mainstream media, with clever comedy. Issues discussed on “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” include problems in the food industry, injustice in the American criminal justice system, and student debt. John Oliver, the host of the show, even made a special trip to Russia to interview Edward Snowden, the man who leaked intelligence information about mass government surveillance programs. If you want to watch a TV series that discusses social and political issues in a clever and intelligent way while delivering satirical humor, then “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is the show for you.

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