Spring Fashion Fling

8 fashion tips that are “2 Legit to Quit”

By: Sakina Stamper

Flowers, sunshine and showers Oh My! Time to tell those winter fashions good bye! Well not quite so fast. People seem to think that whenever a new season rolls around (four times a year) it is cause to go buy a whole new wardrobe. Now I can’t speak for everyone but in speaking for myself I can admit that every year I end up with lots of clothing I never get around to wearing. This bad shopping habit is one that I decided to put an end to for a couple of reasons. The two main reasons would be to save money instead of wasting money and to save resources!

Spring is all about cleaning out the old and brining in the new. However, this does not necessarily mean throwing away everything and buying new things, especially when it comes to fashion. One of the great things about fashion is that based on your creativity level, fashions can be highly transitional from one season to the next. Spring is such a great season in Maryland because you get a taste of various elements. One day it will be rainy, and the next day it will be bright and sunny. Some days it will be in the high 40s, and other days it will be in the low 70s. There is so much fun that can be had with fashionable spring styles.

In order to help you get prepared for Spring 2016, I’ve prepared the following list of tips to help you transition your winter wardrobe into your stylish spring fashion.

Limit your layers

During the winter, we put on as many layers as possible to keep warm. However with the spring, layering can end up being too heavy. Since the spring weather can have different elements, you want to make sure the layers you wear aren’t too heavy, so cotton and linen are good choices.

The denim jacket

I don’t care what year it is, this will always be a staple to wear during spring. You probably already have one, but if not, this would be an item to purchase because of how transitional it is every year. Consider it an investment piece.


The cardigan sweater is really easy and convenient to wear with that sleeveless dress or shirt. If you get too warm you can easily take it off and wrap it around your waist or toss around your shoulders. Also, spring is a very good season for ladies to wear those awesome sweater dresses.


Get creative with pairing some of your darker winter colors such as black and grays with brighter spring colors such as hues of blue, Kelly green, and pinks. A hit of color will make your entire look pop!

Lace and Fishnet panty hose

Not quite ready to put away your favorite combat boots or knee boots? You don’t have to. Pairing the boots with a breathable pair of lace or fishnet panty hose allows you to confidently rock those boots in the spring time.


It is not quite summer time yet, but you can wear shorts. It is perfectly okay to wear your favorite pair of shorts as long as you pair them with your favorite panty hose and boots.

Flowers are your friends

What a better way to style your winter fashions than with hints of f lowers. Flower prints and accessories are a great touch to add a bit of spring flare to your transitional winter fashions.

Don’t forget to have fun! Fashion and style should always be fun. Spring allows us the opportunity to let our hair down and get creative with our looks.

Hopefully these tips were helpful to you. Just remember, springing forward with a stylish wardrobe does not mean you have to go out and spend money. Invest in the current wardrobe you already have by adding a little creativity to it.

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