Upcoming play confronts issue of sexual assault

By Justin Johnson

Now that the semester has started, it is time once again to continue serious conversations within the student body. And what better way to keep that going than a play about sexual awareness, with savvy use of language, compelling characters, and a captivating story. “But I Said No” by Doug Grissom and Margaret Baldwin will be directed by Kimberely Lynne, a UB alum and faculty member and theater director.
Lynne explained how “But I Said No” came into fruition. “I had a learning community with John Chapeman who works in the Deans office here, and for my class I would have my students read about social justice, and he suggested this piece.”

When asked how she believes the audience will respond to the content of the play, Lynne said, “I think that having people play roles such as the type of characters in the play, along with the story, will bring about emotion… because it is a play that tackles an important yet, rough problem that we face today.”

“But I Said No” is a play that brings attention to Title IX and sexual assault, however it is also grabs hold of the audience emotionally and intellectually, challenging the audience to wonder what they can do or how they can take action on the matter. Lynne wants the audience to reflect after the play. She stated, “I just want people to think. So next time they are in a position with their partner and they feel uncomfortable, saying no is completely fine. So that’s what I hope they end up thinking about after.”

“But I Said No” will be performed in the Wright Theater at the UB Student Center on March 31st at 6 p.m. University of Baltimore’s faculty and students are all invited with open arms.

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