Getting in gear for spring

The UB Bicycling Club is planning rides around Baltimore in April and May

Laura Melamed and Scott Thomsen get ready to go to Baltimore Bike Party last Halloween. Poe stayed on campus. The UB Bicycling Club will ride to Bike Party this Spring on April 29. Photo credit: Curtis Stith

Are you ready to get outside and have some fun, this spring? If so, check out what the bike club is offering.

Canton Waterfront Ride

The UB Bicycling Club is planning a ride to Canton Waterfront Park on April 2nd. The ride will leave Gordon Plaza at 2:30 p.m. and head down the Jones Falls Trail, riding along the water through the Inner Harbor and Fells Point. 

  Riding along the bay downtown is one of my favorite things to do in Baltimore. Looking out across the water, checking out the boats and enjoying the peace, quiet, and absence of cars in the company of friends is a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Even alone, the ride is a good way to commune with nature and get some exercise.

  The ride to Canton starts out heading downhill and once you hit the Inner Harbor, it’s flat all the way to Canton. The only uphill section is going north on the Jones Falls Trail back to UB.

Farmer’s Market Ride

Look out for a farmer’s market ride on April 16th.  Meet the club at 9 a.m on Gordon Plaza. 

Last November, the club rode to the Waverly Farmers Market and loaded up with fresh vegetables and Zeke’s coffee and at least one of us stocked up on homemade pot pies. Okay that was me, but it was at the top of a hill at closing time and they were going for a great price!

 BWI Trail Ride

On April 23rd the club is planning to take the MARC train to the BWI Trail. For a 10-mile loop, the trail is fairly flat with some moderate hills. The trail is near Baltimore and Washington airport, hence the name. The ride will be be a fun way to get to know people and check out planes flying overhead.

Bike Party Ride

On April 29th, the club will ride with Baltimore Bike Party. If you’ve never checked out Bike Party, this may be the perfect time, with warmer weather and people you may know.

  Baltimore Bike Party is a sight to behold. With thousands of bicyclists riding en masse, it’s like a traffic jam that actually moves. There’s music, costumes, and people of all ages riding together. Generally a two or three-hour slow paced ride, there’s a break in between. At Bike Party’s final destination, which is different every time, there are usually plenty of food trucks, which I’m usually more than ready for, after a few hours of riding. Although I’m particularly partial to post-ride falafel, there are often many choices.

UB student Curtis Stith rides with Baltimore Bike Party Photo Credit: Laura Melamed

Bike to School Day and Ride

For even more food, you might want to try Bike to School Day on May 4th. Ride your bike to campus and check-in at Gordon Plaza in the morning or evening.

  Bike to School Day is celebrated nationally to promote healthy commuting that’s good for people and the environment. Also, it’s more fun than driving or waiting for the bus.

  Last year on Bike to School Day, people who rode their bikes to UB got free coffee in the morning as well as pizza in the evening, depending on when they arrived at school. Fun t-shirts especially designed for the occasion were also available. Maybe you’ve seen people wearing them around campus!

  A noontime discussion on the state of bicycling in Baltimore was informative and interesting, as part of Bike to School Day. UB Sustainability Planner, Jeff La Noue, discussed Bike to School Day and Baltimore City Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner, Caitlin Doolin, and Executive Director of Bikemore ,Greg Hinchliffe, gave an enlightening presentation. UB Police Officers Kemp and Shaw joined the discussion, as well.

  An afternoon ride up the Jones Falls Trail, later that same day, was a fun way to exercise and get to know new people.

Ride Details

For more information about Bike to School Day and other upcoming rides, email Scott Thomsen at . Feel free to join the UB Bicycling Club on Org Sync and visit us on Facebook, too!

Author: Laura Melamed

Graphic Designerd Rambling Writer Avid Urban Hiker Born Again Bicyclist Born to Run Community Organizer and Fundraiser at Clean Water Action MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts from University of Baltimore (UB) MA in Publications Design from UB Founder of the UB Bicycling Club Published in: UB Post MapQuest Travel We All Live Downstream Best of College Photography

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