This could be the start of something new

Graduation Season

By Justin Johnson

Tis the time of year when senior college students are spending a vast amount of money for caps and gowns and reservation seats. This time of year for seniors is called graduation. At the University of Baltimore, seniors are getting ready for the graduation that they have been anticipating ever since they stepped on campus. As a sophomore, I am in the middle of the frenzy. I am just riding the current. However, being a sophomore and knowing graduating seniors, I devote myself to encouraging seniors of UB to conclude their last semester with an exceptional finish. Just like any obstacle in life, graduation can be difficult. In addition to paying hefty fees for graduation, most graduating seniors are burned out from the long hardworking years of their college careers. The reasons stem from all the hard work that was put into their crafts/majors; dedicated to becoming someone special and important. And now the late nights studying for an exam, or doing homework, are coming to fruition.

During the month of May, nothing but the elements of radiance, satisfaction, and fulfillment will be blazing the air in the Lyric Opera House on W Mt Royal Ave. There will be the illumination of tears of Joy and embracing hugs along with the flashing of digital cameras. It will be a day that can never be forgotten, yet, always remembered by not only the family of our seniors, but also by the family of the University of Baltimore. The University of Baltimore is proud of each and every one of its soon to be alumni with overwhelming respect and love.  Moreover, I am proud of all the seniors of 2016. I did not get the delightful chance to meet all of the intelligent minds who will soon strike the outside world with the power of creativity, commitment, and smartness, but I desire nothing but the best for all. May will be the month of endless possibilities and where dreams come true. I know that this could be the start of something new and I am ecstatic to greet you at the finish line seniors. Farewell Bees.

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