A major turn of events

By Olivia Dudley

Are you ready to grapple with questions that have puzzled humans for millennia? If so, the University of Baltimore’s new program in Philosophy, Society, and Applied Ethics is right for you! The University of Baltimore is now home to the only interdisciplinary philosophy program in the Maryland system.

The Philosophy, Society, and Applied Ethics major will allow you to adopt a better understanding of problems we are facing in the world, along with how to resolve these issues. While many of you are probably thinking “What am I going to do with a major in philosophy?” The answer is that you can potentially do many things, it will make you a better worker and a better problem solver. When companies are hiring, they look for individuals who stand out, what better way to stand out than with a philosophy major! You will develop a set of skills that will prepare you for careers in law, public affairs, political theory, human resources, economics, and many more.

This curriculum will show you how to critically evaluate arguments, think deeply, and develop advanced problem solving skills. Within this major, you will test your thinking strategies and learn how to address and discuss sensitive topics of occurrences in our world. If you don’t know what you want to major in yet, and that is completely alright, it’s a difficult decision to make sometimes, consider Philosophy, Society, and Applied Ethics. You will be developing skills that you can utilize in almost any other major you may end up choosing later on in life. This is college, we’re supposed to be trying new things and taking risks. Do something that you’ll find fascinating.

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