Sing your heart out

The UB Post goes in search of the best karaoke night in Baltimore

Finding the best karaoke spots in the city

By Andrew McCormick 

Perhaps it’s the courage it takes to get up there. Maybe it’s hearing someone else’s version of your favorite song. And maybe…just maybe it’s a brilliant excuse to have a few drinks and a good time. Whatever the reason, more and more Karaoke nights (and full karaoke bars) seem to pop up around Baltimore every week.

If you’re not already aware, Karaoke consists of bar patrons getting on stage (or at least in front of the crowd) and singing a cover of a song, the lyrics of which are on a screen for them to read. The results range from cringe worthy to surprisingly delightful.

This of course begs the question: Which of these nights is the best? Relax. The UB post has you covered. Check out our list of favorite Karaoke nights near campus (in no particular order) below

The Crown

Where: 1910 North Charles Street

When: Every Tuesday, 9PM

Specials: “Liquid Courage” which consists of a free shot for singing certain songs, or singing at certain times

The Twist: The Crown itself. This venue/bar has two separate rooms, at least one of which is usually hosting an alternative music show. Karaoke not doing it for you? Go right across the hall to catch a show.

The Ottobar

Where: 2549 N. Howard Street

When: Every Wednesday, 10 PM-Close

Specials: $2.50 Natty Boh, $3 Rail Drinks, $4 Select Pints, $5 Fireball

The Twist: Feeling brave? Tell charming host Pat “The Heartbreak Kid” Storck that you’d like to sign up for “Bartender’s Revenge”. If you have the courage, Pat will allow the bartender to pick a song for you to sing, and you won’t know what it is until you step on stage. In exchange you earn yourself a free drink!

Rainbow Music Studio

Where: 2162 Maryland Avenue

When: Daily, 8PM to 3AM

Specials: Small (six person) room for $40 /hour, a large (Ten person) room for $50/ hour

The Twist: This venue differs from the previous two in the sense that it is a full-fledged, dedicated karaoke bar. That’s right, The Rainbow music studio allows you to how up and rent a room for you and your friends with the sole purpose of singing the night away. Perfect for parties, etc.

Grand Central

Where: 1001 N. Charles St.

When: Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday!

Specials: Yes, but they vary night to night

The Twist: As a bar that embraces gay culture, Grand Central can provide an opportunity to experience another side of nightlife not necessarily seen as frequently as the others on this list. Also, the frequency of Karaoke nights at Grand Central gives you and your friends more opportunity to schedule around class and work!

Walt’s Inn

Where: 3201 O’Donnell Street

When: 6 PM to 1 AM, seven nights a week

Specials: Varies nightly

The Twist: If you’re willing to make the trek to the southern part of the city, you’ll stumble across yet another fully dedicated Karaoke bar. Walt’s Inn features a very extensive song selection, coupled with state of the art sound equipment. Friday and Saturday nights are led by a enthusiastic host, who will start the show and sing throughout the night!

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