Amy Schumer visits old haunt: Baltimore

By Elizabeth McMahon

McMahon_AmySchumer_2_EDITEDAmy Schumer graduated from Towson University.

Crowds flooded Royal Farms Arena on March 4 to see Amy Schumer on her last night of tour. The show was nearly sold out, the arena packed.

Schumer’s turnout was a striking mix of young and old. Her raunchy, cringe-inducing humor appealed to nearly everyone, if laughter is an accurate way of assessing something like that. She has a way of making people reflect on their own private perversions by putting her own eventful sex life on display.

A special treat for the audience was an extra layer of relation: references to local Baltimore and Towson bars, like PowerPlant Live and The Greene Turtle. Schumer, a graduate of Towson University, has spent plenty of time up to no good in Baltimore. She even joked about being the opening act for O’Malley’s March, the former Governor of Maryland’s Irish folk band, early in her standup career.

Schumer gave a special thanks to the city of Baltimore: “This is where all my blackouts began.” To see a filmed version of the act, check out “Amy Schumer: The Leather Special” on Netflix.


Photo courtesy of Towson University News/Katie Simmons-Barth

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