Incoming VP of SEB plans for two year term

vlad1_EDITEDVladislav Borisenko has plans for his new term.

Vladislav Borisenko, a 26 year old sophomore at UB, is the incoming Vice President of the Student Events Board. While his term doesn’t start until May 1, he has already begun planning his two year strategy, as well as specific events he has in mind. “My term doesn’t start until the first,” said Borisenko, “I am moving quick and making sure that everybody I spoke to and is on stand-by is ready to move, because I only have two years on my term.”

Although he is studying Simulation and Digital Entertainment, he has a background in event planning for local radio station 92Q, and brings a unique set of skills and connections to the SEB which he plans to leverage in order to bring in bigger artists.

“Before block party, I want to bring in an artist from 92Q. They mentioned giving them radio time so the fee would be less, and I think it would be really good for the school [to] bring in a really big name to perform. Somebody that everybody would enjoy, not just one age group.”

His time at 92Q began as a videographer, filming hip hop and EDM shows. He soon began hosting his own events. “The goal of our marketing was to bring an artist that had never been to Baltimore, so that you could only see them at one of our shows.”

Borisenko admits that it can be hard to draw crowds of UB students to events, calling it a “sleeping campus,” but wants to streamline events put on by SEB, student organizations, and faculty, so that attendance of students might increase. “I want to unify everybody. If I’m throwing a video game event, and there is a similar one coming up being held by a teacher, I want to put them together so they are under one house.” He believes that by coordinating events across all departments on campus, and working together to cross promote, attendance of such events might increase.

Acknowledging that his fellow SDE majors are one of the groups who are frequently on campus, he wants to create more events that might interest them, such as a two tiered video game tournament with one tier for UB students awarding better prizes than the other tier, which would be filled with nonstudents. “I want our students to be able to say, ‘because I’m a student here I have access to better rewards, and maybe if you were a student here you could have access to these too.’”

Many of his planned events, from video game tournaments to concerts are built around catering to not only UB students, but the surrounding community as well. Borisenko believes that by increasing interest, and possibly revenue through these events, UB’s presence will increase beyond the campus. “I want to push the school in that direction, and have other colleges hear about us. I want to generate talk.”

“What I want to instill in students is that they can do anything through the SEB and the SGA. You could really create anything.”


Photo by Kyle Fierstien

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