The birth of a new realm of gaming

By Bryant Henly

At the start of the Spring 2017 semester, Stephen Kiel introduced a brand new system to allow players to rent out consoles and video games for up to six hours. I actively utilize this system, because it’s a gem that not many know about. To be able to rent games from almost every generation prior to the 8th generation of gaming, is an experience that all gamers should take up.

I didn’t start gaming until the release of the PlayStation 2, which was the 6th generation of gaming. To find out that there was a long history of video games behind that, was genuinely shocking to me. There were so many games out there by established developers that I loved, that I absolutely had to experience. An example of this would be Capcom and it’s intellectual property, Resident Evil. The first Resident Evil I played was Resident Evil 4, and that released October 25, 2005. I couldn’t believe the quality of the game, but I felt shocked that I haven’t played any of the games before RE4 was created.  It wasn’t until I experienced the library’s new system, I was able to play and experience the older Resident Evil games that came before RE4.

Ideally, the library’s new system for renting out video games has a lot of potential. Being able to rent out games and the respective console, and getting a room to yourself, is wonderful. I currently use this program to play and analyze Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for my class, and having the silence and peace of the library to experience a new game, makes it even better. If you ever have spare time, and you’d like to expose yourself to a new gaming experience, I recommend that you stop by the library.  It’s fast, convenient, and the experience as a whole is quite immersive. I’ve found myself losing hours out of my day, playing the classic games that the library had to offer.

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