UB students study abroad in Barcelona

By Ben Bjork

Left:  La Sagrada Familia  Right:  The Cathedral of Barcelona
Photos by Perry Ryan

Last July UB students paired up with a group from the University of Denver for a two week course in the incomparable city of Barcelona. While the students had fun hitting up the local discotheques and beaches, they also spent a lot of time studying the serious issue of gender violence in the area.

“The human trafficking and domestic violence we investigated surprised me. Spain was progressive in legislation and legislators. A 50/50 split with men and women in government was impressive and something I wish to see in the United States,” said UB student Noah Johnston.

Despite the severity of the issues discussed in class, students were still able to enjoy themselves, and specifically noted their happiness in making friends with their classmates from Denver.

“UCD and UB students bonded quickly, as our campus and lifestyles are similar,” Johnston recalls.

Everyone involved urges any student who has the chance to take one of the many study abroad opportunities offered at UB before they graduate.

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