Ten foreign films to get you in the fall spirit (of terror)

This Halloween, experience a thread which unifies all human beings, regardless of culture or creed: fear. The United States has no monopoly over the horror genre, and these films from countries all over the world stand to expand your knowledge of all things terrible.

By Liz McMahon

Staff Writer

1. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (Iran, 2014):

A feminist skateboarding vampire terrorizes men who abuse women. Perfect for: aspiring vampiresses.

2.Audition (Japan, 1999):

A widower holds a casting call for a new wife, and gets more than he bargained for. Perfect for: people looking for reasons to stay single.

3.Eyes Without a Face (France, 1962):
A father attempts to make his disfigured daughter beautiful again by stealing the faces of innocent female victims. Perfect for: plastic surgery fanatics.

4.Funny Games (Austria, 2007):
A vacationing couple is gruesomely tortured, both physically and psychologically, by two strangers with golf clubs. Perfect for: retired golfers.

5.Goodnight Mommy (Austria, 2014):

Twin boys struggle to figure out why their moth- er, who recently got extensive cosmetic surgery, is acting so grim. Perfect for: plastic surgery haters.

6. Let the Right One In (Sweden, 2008):
A young, lonely boy meets a new next-door friend with a violent, bloody secret. Perfect for: nosy neighbors.

7. Orphanage(Spain, 2007):
The former resident of an orphanage returns as an adult to give it new light, but loses her son inside the spirit-filled mansion. Perfect for: hide-and-seek players.

8.The Eyes of My Mother (Set in Portugal, 2016):

Left behind by her beloved mother, a young woman gets creative with a prisoner she keeps in her barn. Perfect for: revenge enthusiasts.

9.Train to Busan (South Korea, 2016):

Zombies take over a high-speed train, spreading their sickness from car to car while a father tries to protect his daughter. Perfect for: train commuters.

10.Under the Shadow (Iran, 2016):
A mother and daughter in Tehran are haunted by an ominous dark figure amidst the wreckage of the Iraq- Iran War just outside their window. Perfect for: people too dark for a cute joke like the ones above.

Illustrations courtesy of Vecteezy

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