Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

So You Haven’t Planned a Thing?

By Ricardo Santiago Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Love is soon to be in the air. If you have not already checked mega stores like Walmart and Target, love has already come and has its own section for profit! Here at the UB Post, we recognize that many of us do not have a massive amount of cash to drop on our significant others. Therefore, we have decided to give you 5 Valentine Day Date ideas to help the day go by in romantic fashion! Now remember, these are just ideas. You can make them original by switching and designing them to your liking. The most important thing to consider before you start planning is your significant other. Do they enjoy solitude or parties? Are they more relaxed and practical or gem and glam? Knowing who they are as a person helps you create the perfect date night.


1) The New Netflix and Chill – This is for the introverts in love. It doesn’t matter where you are, it matters whom you are with. Being with your special person is all that matters. If they feel the same way, you can create a solo magical night. The idea of ‘Netflix and chill’ is all too familiar. So make it special by creating a night devoted to just the two of you. A potential add on would be to create your own movie, depicting the times you both shared together. Add their favorite song to the film reel and some cute one-liners to impress. End with a cute card at the end to capture that moment in time forever. Then cuddle up with each other viewing an actual theatrical film.

2) Adventure Time – The day lands on a Wednesday, so this is for those couples that can land a day off. This is also for the ones that do not mind some unexpected fun. The city of Baltimore has so many free events that you can go out and enjoy for the day. The museums will be open to explore. A little selfie action down by Fells Point is always romantic. If we did not include this, we would be kicking ourselves. It is free and gets you out of the house during the day!

3) Loves when the Suns Down – For the night owls on a budget, you can appreciate this. Many restaurants will have specials for dinners designed towards a sensational night. Many on the inner harbor area are taking this Valentine’s Day to themed nights with three course dinners with set prices for each. GroupOn has deals for the Valentine’s Day events and spa’s too. Nothing says “I love you” like a deep tissue massage.

4) Arts and Crafts – Buying something for another person is a lovely gesture. Crafting something original that is one of a kind, that’s magical. If your significant other loves to dabble with hot glue guns and construction paper, this idea is sure to help. Most of the needed craft material you can acquire for cheap at a local Michaels or AC Moore. In addition, being a student, you get about 10 percent off the purchase. Create a night full of new memories by crafting around old pictures, memorable items, and relive the moments by telling each other the stories that made the relationship shine like the brilliant rhinestones you just bought.

5) Keep it Classic – So all this sounds great but your budget is more strict than usual. No problem there. Keep it classy by inviting that special someone to your kitchen for a dinner for two. Cook their favorite dish with a twist, or bake a lovely sweet for that little sweetie. Even a simple baked chicken with rice can go a long way if you set the mood right. Remember, it is all about the ambience.

I hope that these ideas will strike some genius chord in you to create an experience your date will not forget. It is Valentine’s Day, so remember that even if your planned idea has some bumps or just fails altogether, your significant other will see the initiative and effort put in. What matters is that they

know how much you care and love them to go to these lengths. Not just for one day out of the year, but any day of any month or any year. Because when you are in love, everyday can feel like Valentine’s Day.

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