I disregarded Net Neutrality until now

By: Shae McCoy


Am I the only one who didn’t know what net neutrality was until recently? If I am, please excuse my lateness to the party. In December of 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) voted to get rid of net neutrality, which protects online experiences with Internet providers here in America.

What is net neutrality?
-Where Internet service enables access to all content and applications regardless of the source without favoring or blocking particular products and/or websites.

The notion to repeal the current net neutrality rule comes following the Obama presidency. In 2015 Barack Obama put forth net neutrality rules to protect consumers and to stop web hosts from throt- tling Internet speeds and blocking content in exchange for an increase in fees. The fight to keep these rules in place has grown in intensity as the days have gone by. In recent news the senate has been fighting to overrule the F.C.C. and have accumulated 50 votes, one away from the required amount to overthrow this notion. 47 democrats, 2 independents, and 1 republican are currently for going against the decision of the F.C.C.

When I first started hearing about net neutrality and the repeal, of course, it was a discovery from my social media browsing. I kept seeing people post about it, but I know better not to just take a social media post and run with it. In my mind I was like “What are they talking about?” I’m well aware of the people who hop on trendy bandwagons without doing their research. Once I started looking around for clues before I solely re- lied on Google, I thought the repeal wouldn’t be so bad. I thought about how the Internet is sort of destroy- ing society and I instantly was like “Good idea!” If people had to pay for certain things that they use every day maybe that would limit the intake of daily atrocity. I definitely didn’t see the bigger picture.

I went to Google after being ex- hausted with Facebook and the back and forth arguments existing in the comment sections of every article and status regarding net neutrality. I realized that if the F.C.C. goes through with the net neutrality repeal that if could affect a large amount of web based entrepreneurs who use different platforms to display product or sell products, including myself. People are not going to pay for Internet bundles and your product. I hope the side of common sense wins the fight. Protect the consumer and entrepreneurs at all costs.

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