Letter From the Editor: February 2018

Hello, Everyone

I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself as the new Editor in Chief of the UB Post. My name is Olivia Dudley and I have a huge vision for this paper, I have a huge vision for all of you. This paper has always held a special place in my heart ever since I firmly planted my roots here in my late freshman year; I wanted to tell stories and let people know about great things. Of course, my time as a staff writer gave me time to think about w

hat I really wanted; what I really wanted was for the paper to become something more than what I saw it as.

My goal as Editor in Chief is to see the Post become something that students and faculty look forward to reading. I want for everyone reading this to become involved with the paper in some way. The UB Post is your voice, a way for you to reach out to more than just your classmates, use this resource.

This year has started out with quite the bang, if I do say so myself. We have finally lived a full year

in the Trump Era and, to some, it feels like we are falling apart. But we are not falling apart, we are blooming. In the decades prior to this new administration, secrets were kept covered up, truths were ignored; but now the voices of millions of brave people are speaking their minds and telling the world what’s what! People used to fear voicing their opinion because they believed their own thoughts to be invalid, but now everyone can be heard.

The world is not a scary place when we aren’t afraid to stand together; the UB Post may be a small paper on a small campus but that doesn’t mean no one is paying attention

. As an optimist, it is my firm belief that the events of last year were only a starting place for all of us, we can learn from our mistakes and the truths that have been revealed this past year.

Within the upcoming pages of this February issue, several of your peers will be discussing how the world around us has changed within the past several months; from the loss of net neutrality to their own lives without DACA. In the editions that follow, the UB Post will be telling news from your point of view; I personally would like to welcome anyone who wishes to contribute a story they feel passionately about, for anyone to submit their artwork, and for anyone to offer improvements to make the Post better for you.

As we are welcoming this new semes

ter and new changes, we must also say goodbye. I would like to give my fondest farewell to our former Editor in Chief, Kyle Fierstien, you are a man of talent and inspiration and we wish you the best of luck in every endeavor you make.

Now, please enjoy.

Enthusiastically yours, Olivia Dudley

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