You don’t need meat!


Vegan rigatoni with roasted tomato

By Olivia Dudley


When my friend, Gloria Wiggam, decided to take the path of vegetarianism and veganism I was stunned. We bonded over sharing meals of meat at some of the nearby establishments the UB campus has to offer, what were we going to do for lunch now? Her solution was searching for dozens of recipes that sounded delicious.

Wiggam has concocted many delightful meals that I am constantly sampling and the following recipe has been one of my favorites. Her homemade vegan rigatoni with roasted tomato has been one of her best to date.


This quick and easy stove top meal can be created in under an hour. Through her meals, Wiggam has allowed those around her to open up their palates to different meals. Many of us meat lovers have a tendency to stray away from meals utilizing the term “vegetarian” or “vegan,” but they are simply alternate dishes. If you are one of the people who curiously read this brief recipe because of the title that denies you your meat, I suggest you try something new for dinner tonight.


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