Letter From the Editor: March Issue 2018

I often find myself being driven insane by those around me. But however insane I am being driven I maintain my calm, cool, and collected balance, simply because I do not want to cross my own line.

It is my belief that everyone has a line, and no matter how close they may teeter on that line, they should not cross it. Practicing self control is one of the most im- portant things that makes us human. When I see stories about people crossing their line I disband them, anyone who crosses that rageful line does not deserve the honor of being called a human.

Humans can be angry and sad and feel those negative feelings, it is not my intention to discount those feelings, but you do not take them out on someone that does not deserve it. The moment you choose to lash out with those feelings of primitive rage you have lost what it means to be human.

I cannot count how many times people around me have said “I’ve completely lost faith in humanity.” And I would like to kindly request that those individuals stop being so negative, you are not helping fix humanity by doubting it so much. We made it this far so we can make it farther.

As we enter into this new month, we are experiencing some changes both within our school and, on a much larger scale, in the country. People have reached a point where changes must happen, even if it does cause frustration within some people. We fell behind over the past couple of years, socially speaking, but I truly believe this is the year where we will start seeing positive change. So many people coming together to march in protest for change is proof of that. So stand together, stop closeting your complaints, and stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for a better world.

Enthusiastically Yours,

Olivia Dudley

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