New Social Media Updates You Should Know About

Lawanda Johnson

Digital Content Manager

In this day and age, social media is impressively ever-changing. No one would’ve ever guessed that a website like Facebook would someday offer live video recording services, nor did we ever think that Twitter users would soon be allowed to tweet more than 140 characters.

Furthermore, the fact that we are now able to conveniently access nearly every one of our social media accounts from an app on our smartphones is even more riveting.

Patently, with the advancement of today’s online platforms, digital networking is made easier, quicker, and more enjoyable.

Take a look at some of social media’s latest features to be added.


Launched in 2010, Instagram has become the largest photo-sharing mobile-based service to date. It’s an app that generates millions of users, including celebrities, family, and friends, with live and pre-recorded video recording capability, fresh filters, and even direct messaging. The app, originally crafted for Apple customers, has undergone a number of improvements since its initial release. From private messaging (added in 2013) to Instastories (basically Snapchat rolled into Instagram), the provider is certainly in the lead, and the additions only seem to get better and more clever.

Recently, Instagram incorporated the ‘Activity Status’ feature, which allows users to see when the people who they recently direct messaged were last active. It even goes as far as showing the exact minutes.

To view this, all you have to do is go to your direct messages, and you will see the amount of time that is has been since that person last opened the app. It will also show if they are active at that exact moment. But, that is only if they have their status activated.

The feature can be disabled by accessing your Instagram profile settings, scrolling down until you see ‘Activity Status’, and flipping the switch off. However, by doing so, you will not only disable your own status visibility, but the status of others won’t be visible to you either.

Most have deemed the ‘Activity Status’ update as unnecessary, but this shouldn’t come as a shock to users since Instagram is owned by Facebook, and Facebook Messenger offers the same exact feature.


Although it began as a member’s only social networking service for college students, Facebook has since grown into so much more. Unquestionably, Mark Zuckerberg brilliantly turned this site into a goldmine, completely beating out MySpace… forever. It has not only become a way to reconnect with old buds from high school—middle school even— but it is a dominant asset in digital marketing, for all types of businesses and brands; a place for virtual love and platonic connections.

As of late, Facebook has been diligently working to refine and prioritize their news section/feed.

According to reports, they will be providing users with the ability to “rank news sources that they see as the most credible and trustworthy.” Reportedly, users will be surveyed, and the feedback will be used to help decipher which outlets are Facebook-friendly or appropriate, solely in efforts to allocate more effective and accurate world news around the social network.

Additionally, Facebook also announced that it is will be increasing the supply of local news this year, which will hold a section specifically for events and stories nearby.


Tweets and timelines…we owe it all to Twitter. Over 319 million users later, it has ranked #1 among any other timeline-based social media network. The service rapidly gained worldwide popularity, becoming one of the ten most-visited websites and often described as the “SMS of the internet.” Without a doubt, Twitter has seen tremendous growth since its debut in 2006.

Like Facebook, it has contributed greatly to online advertising and monetary posts. But that’s not all that Twitter is most notable for. Through Twitter, registered users are able to interact with everyone across the globe, from family and friends to celebrities. If that wasn’t enough to sell users, they’ve made some outstanding upgrades, including live video accessibility (Periscope), direct messages (even from people who aren’t following you), and a 280-character tweet limit.

However, with those changes came a privacy policy change. Last year, the policy eliminated their ‘Do Not Track’ option, which was a privacy preference that allowed you to opt out from being tracked by third-party services on the website. Essentially, when you visit certain sites and connect your account, personal data may be collected.

This new change may seem a little intrusive to users, but it does give you the option to revoke access to some sites/apps in your settings.

Even though these new changes are in effect, users can still have a sense of control with their social media. Just know that every new change not welcomed by the users will have to be manually stopped, customized in the settings, or simply deactivated.

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