Hello, Mr. President

By Olivia Dudley

Editor in Chief

On March 15th, 2018, Noah Johnston was elected president of the Student Government Association (SGA). Knowing the struggles that the University of Baltimore is facing, he accepted the challenging role of president, ready and willing to hear the voices of his peers and be the voice for them. With the current struggles facing the university, the position seemed mildly unappealing to other members of the student body, Johnston stepped up; armed with three years of SGA experience as well as the added experiences of working in the office of politicians, he believed he had what it took to run and win this election.

Johnston did not face much of a challenge campaigning, as he was the only person running for this position.

“Personally, I would have preferred competition even if that would have resulted in a different outcome of the election. I just want people to be involved in making a difference on campus and running for office is one of those ways. The weight of the position may be a reason of why I was

the only candidate, but I know I can handle it.” Johnston told me within his first ten days in office.

Thanks to his presidential win, Johnston hopes to grow the student culture as well as increase student involvement in these upcoming large campus decisions. Johnston again stated “While we may seem to be struggling, I believe the current administration in partnership with our intelligent student voices will be the drivers of much positive change.”

In the brief interview I had with our hopeful new president, he made a pledge when asked what plans he has for the UB community now that he is leading the SGA: “I pledge to maintain the efforts of the current ad- ministration while also creating my own initiatives. Some of the things we are working toward for the end of this semester is setting up a donation program for graduation regalia. This is to benefit those who can show true financial need and begin a stockpile of used caps and gowns to be borrowed by UB students. We are also striving for a more open and honest relationship with Financial Aid and the Bursar’s office to allow for faster, more efficient, and more accessible service through these offices. Finally, there is a process being set up and funded by the SGA to provide business cards templates through the career center. Make sure to keep a look out for future marketing once these new initiatives are put into place.”

As the UB community welcomes President Johnston into his new position, he has urged his peers to reach out to him if they ever have an issue he can help them solve.

Johnston may have been the only person running, but that is because he believes he can handle the challenges that will be coming his way. He will persevere through struggles and complications because he must do so for the sake of his peers. The UB community is expecting a noble and helpful president to help it become the best it can be, it is there hope that President Johnston will stick to his word and be exactly that.

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