Men of Quality Do Not Fear Equality

Written by: Ricardo Santiago Rodriguez – Staff Writer


To me, gender equality should have been the norm ages ago. Yet in some crazy turn of events like a 90’s soap opera, 2018 has come and many still shiver at its mention. To me, it is starting to be a troupe, nay, a cliché in society to have individuals struggling with the concept. As the kindhearted man that I am, this article will get cringe inducing, emasculating, and straight up blasphemous, to those still riding the gender inequality train. To describe gender equality as a man, introducing the elephant in the room will benefit all in understanding. Feminism is gender neutral; meaning men can also be feminists. Yet, why does the term have an awful stigma when it is used?

Feminist. Why does that word scare men? I never knew it to be a frightening word. Nor have I used it in a derogatory way to describe a strong passionate woman. When a man hears the term feminist, what do women think comes to the mind of men. Could it be a plaid wearing woman with short hair screaming because of the injustice she and others like her have suffered? If your thought was similar to that, there is an issue here. A feminist should not have a “look” to them nor that image placed in your mind. Anyone who supports gender equality is actually a feminist and vice versa.

Here comes the question, which no one can really answer when I bring it up. Why is fighting for a gender equal society so wrong? Do men somehow fear women taking over in high corporate areas? Is the fear coming from having women in politics? Is the fear from having women in the military fighting battles alongside the men? Here is my answer to those hypotheticals, its already happened. Women have contributed greatly to the success of humanity. Shocking, huh?

Here is the down and dirty, from a man on the “image” of feminism. There is none! There is also no singular type of feminism. Feminism is a term that cannot be defined perfectly for individuals who are trapped in a black and white mindset. Feminism is more of an ideological truth that evolves with time to fight against the gender bias of society. If that does not spark a fire in you, think of this.

Why are women being paid less? The same job, same requirements, the only difference is gender. How does that seem fair? According to The Simple Truth (2017), since 2016 women are still only getting paid 80 percent of what men are making in wages. These are our mothers and sisters struggling in the world, just like all of us. Hypothetically speaking, you are sent to a hospital. Your doctor is a woman. Due to her wage gap compared to other male doctors, you only get 80 percent of the treatment. Does that seem like justice?

The bottom line is clear. Gender equality is for all, and all should support it. Men should be proud to support feminism, not fear some estranged humiliation. When did believing in the right thing become a form of criticism? All men should be feminists because it is just, proper, and sends a powerful message of support to women, showing not only that men care, but also we care enough to stand with them. Remember, men of quality do not fear equality.

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