Jealous Calls on Hogan to Oppose Kavanaugh Nomination

By Robert Velazquez


Annapolis, MD – Democratic candidate Ben Jealous joined members of the democratic delegation of Maryland in calling for Governor Larry Hogan to publicly oppose the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. In a public statement, Governor Hogan said fighting back against Kavanaugh’s nomination is a “Washington issue,” not a “Maryland issue.” Jealous states, “Governor Hogan attempts to draw distinctions between Maryland and national issues.”

Jealous and the delegation stated in a recent press conference that Kavanaugh’s history of anti-choice, anti-environment and anti-worker legislation and writings are a direct threat to the rights of all citizens of Maryland.

Joseline Peña-Melnyk, Maryland State Delegate, says that Hogan’s refusal to take a hardline stance on the Kavanaugh nomination is a direct threat to the female reproductive rights of the women who make up 51.5% of the population of Maryland.

Environmental activist, Scott Edwards, goes on to add that “the last thing we need is an environmental obstructionist like Kavanaugh.” Kavanaugh has a history of fighting EPA regulations which include a dissent on the EPA’s “Clean Power Act” in 2014. He states in his dissent, that the EPA must consider the costs of cleanup in addition to the environmental benefits. Edwards ultimate concern is that Kavanaugh’s legislation will roll back years of progress made in Maryland for corporate interest, and ultimately delay the national need to address climate change.

Vice president of the DMV chapter of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Jaime Contreras, urges Hogan that he is complicit in the economic hardships the union members represented within the SEIU if he does not take action on this matter. Unions or organized labor groups have already felt the impact of conservative court on the recent Janus ruling; which is a major blow to union revenues and has been argued as a death knell to public-sector unions.

Betty Weller, President of the Maryland State Education Association, calls for a fair-minded constitutionalist instead of Kavanaugh. Weller argues that she can’t count on Washington to make decisions in the best interest of Maryland’s school system. Furthermore, she argues that Hogan did not stand up to Washington when he welcomed Education Secretary, Betsy Devos, to Maryland. She went on to argue that remaining silent on the nomination of Kavanaugh could be a potential blow to the Maryland Education system.

Jealous closed the conference stating that Governor Hogan has aided and abetted president Trump’s administration by remaining silent on issues that matter. Evoking the names and agendas of Scott Pruitt, Betsy Devos, and Jeff Sessions as a direct threat to the rights and well-being of Marylanders. More so, Jealous will not allow an excessively cautious Hogan to hide or sit this fight out. “What does he do with his popularity to help people?” Jealous asks. To Jealous, all politics are local. His hardline stance on Kavanaugh is the acceptance that his appointment would change the lives of Marylanders for a generation to come.


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