Governor Bill Weld Needs to Visit UB. Here’s Why.

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Governor Bill Weld speaking in New Hampshire. ( Charles Krupa/ Associated Press. )

A Republican primary challenger to President Trump is taking suggestions on universities to visit. The University of Baltimore should be added to the list. 

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, a longshot Republican primary challenger to President Trump, spoke at Middlebury College last week. Weld, posting on Facebook, asked his followers for recommendations for his next university visit. 

I believe that the University of Baltimore would be the ideal next college destination for Weld. Speaking at UB would  the opportunity for Weld to hear the experiences of our diverse student body, make the conservative case against President Trump, and express his ideas for the future of the Republican Party. 

In the 2020 election cycle, roughly 40% of the electorate will consist of millennials and Generation Z. University of Baltimore is the perfect place to reach a diverse population of millennials and generation z-ers. Our students are typically older and students who commute rather than live on campus to avoid large post-graduation loan bills. Not to mention that many are from working class backgrounds, people of color, and are the first in their families to attend college.Many of our students are already on the front lines combatting issues like political engagement, criminal justice reform, poverty, and environmental justice. Many more will dedicate their professional lives to these issues after their graduation. Hearing from our students on these important issues would be of immeasurable benefit to Governor Weld as he crafts his policy ideas and hits the campaign trail full speed in the coming months. 

University of Baltimore might not have the name recognition of Middlebury, Harvard, or nearby Johns Hopkins but our students have an equal share of impact on the future of Baltimore and the country as a whole. It would benefit Governor Weld to experience this. 

A visit to Baltimore provides a unique opportunity for Governor Weld to make the conservative case against President Trump. The president, in his attacks on the city, failed to mention the impact that his policies would have to improve the circumstances of the city’s residents. Governor Weld should take this chance to explain how his policies could improve the plight of hardworking men and women in urban environments, like Baltimore rather than denigrate them. Bill Weld has always been an independent-minded conservative, whether his support for LGBT rights or criminalizing non-payment of child support, who has challenged the establishment of the Republican Party. His voice should be considered an asset to those of all political stripes  who are in opposition to the policies of the Trump administration. 

Lastly, coming to the University of Baltimore, allows for a chance to pitch his vision for the future of the Republican Party to those whose are to be the most impacted. Although his chances of winning the nomination are slim, Weld might make considerable progress in bringing the Republican Party in a direction more favorable to voters. The former Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate has numerous positions ranging from ending the War on Drugs, reproductive rights, a less hawkish foreign policy, and broad criminal justice reform policies that are gaining popularity even among Republican voters.  

Governor Weld or someone on your staff, if you’re reading this, I tagged the University of Baltimore in the post. The invite is always open. 

Leonard Robinson is the editor-in-chief of the UB Post.

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Author: Leonard A. Robinson

Leonard A. Robinson is editor-in-chief of the UB Post.

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