Coffee with a Cop Comes to Nearby Charles Street

Coffee with a Cop participants shuffle into Starbucks at the intersection of W Preston and Charles Streets on Tuesday, October 29th (Photo Credit: Kayla Tellington – UB Post)

The Starbucks on the corner of West Preston and Charles Street is the daily hub of many students from the University of Baltimore, residents of the Mount Vernon community, and others who work and spend their time here.  

On Tuesday, October 29, Baltimore City Central Police District visited this nearby Starbucks to connect with community members over a great cup of coffee. “Coffee with a Cop” is an outreach event organized with several Starbucks around Baltimore to give opportunities for people to meet and chat with officers. 

Tabling setup in the Starbucks at the intersection of W Preston and Charles Streets on Tuesday, October 29th (Photo Credit: Kayla Tellington – UB Post)

These small, laid back events go incredibly far in building trust relationships between officers and those served by them. 

Coffee, cookies, and slices of cake are offered at the entrance along with an extra dose of smiles from officers and others gathered. Some decide to purchase their coffee first while others chat with the officers. 

Passion flowed freely among those gathered, including former Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon, as conversations ranged from how to reduce overall violence to the city’s plans to how officers managed their on-foot patrols. 

Officer Antwann Tellington and Former Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon at Starbucks (Photo Credit: Kayla Tellington – UB Post)

Those who attended the event expressed that it was a great way to have your voice heard and offer suggestions to make policing in our city better for everyone. 

The UB Post reached out to Sergeant Davis, but did not receive a response in time for publication. 

For more information about “Coffee with a Cop”, please look here

Kayla Tellington is a staff writer and literary critic for the UB Post. 

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Author: Kayla Tellington

Kayla Tellington is the literary critic and staff writer for UB Post

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