UB Honors Veterans Day

University of Baltimore police officers David Blumberg and Louis Holley raise the flag as students, faculty, and members of the UB community look on. (Leonard Robinson/UB Post)

University of Baltimore students, faculty, alumni, and community members gathered in the Gordon Plaza to commemorate Veterans Day on Monday afternoon with a brief flag raising ceremony. 

“We are extremely proud of veterans in general, and UB students who happen to be veterans.”, said President Kurt Schmoke speaking to the UB Post. “We are pleased to celebrate with them.” 

Darlene Brannigan Smith, provost of the University of Baltimore, spoke about her experiences growing up as a daughter of a veteran. “I used to call myself an “Army brat” but now I call myself the daughter of a patriot.” 

Jeffrey Lesch, director of the Bob Parsons Veterans Center, acknowledged the importance of this event while showcasing the programs that the University of Baltimore offers to honor the service of veterans year-round. These programs include both the Bob Parsons Veterans Center and the Bob Parsons Veterans Advocacy Clinic. 

“We also have two other programs going on right now”,said Lesch. “There is a card collection to collect cards for Veterans Day and boxes around campus to collect clothes and food for the BWI USO drive.” 

People on campus have been responsive to the campaigns with many stopping to sign cards in the lobby of the Student Center. 

“It was really nice to see how positively our campus responded to this initiative and how everyone wanted to participate,” said Daniel Khoshkepazi, a graduate assistant for the Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement who collected cards at both the flag raising ceremony and tabling events across campus. 

After remarks, the crowd stood at full attention as University of Baltimore police officers David Blumberg and Louis Holley approached the flagpole. To The Colors blared from a loudspeaker as the stars and stripes rose to the sky. 

Leonard Robinson is the editor-in-chief of the UB Post. 

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Author: Leonard A. Robinson

Leonard A. Robinson is editor-in-chief of the UB Post.

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