The Confessional: Down on Your Luck

The Confessional is the completely anonymous advice blog of the UB Post. 

Dear Down On Your Luck,

I’m calling you down on your luck because what you’re going through is only temporary. Let me be the first to  say everything you’re going through will get better… eventually because right now it’s going to suck a lot.

First, let me address how your friend group are all in good places and how you feel that you need to keep up with them. This type of thinking will only make you resent them more in the long run. You must remember we all run our own race, so when you see your friends doing what you feel is better than you doesn’t mean they are or that you have to be doing the same. 

Something I learned a while ago, if I kept spending time trying to keep up with what my friends were doing. Here’s what my life would look like: I’d be married, with a kid or two, possibly in medical school but also at the brink of divorce and lacking meaning.

My friends are diverse so keeping up with them wouldn’t have been an easy task, but I am not their friend because I do what they do or who they portray themselves as. I am their friend because they like me for who I am and what I’m doing. Your friends are meant to be a support system for you. If you worry too much about making them uncomfortable or unable to express your true feelings, then it might be time to make some new friends. 

Just remember that real friends don’t fall through the cracks. 

– The Confessional.

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