Four Items for Four Looks

Wanna change your look? 

Here’s four suggestions based on four personality types and items to help you get there. 

The Dad

Saturdays are for Costco runs. Your New Balance sneakers just arrived in the mail. Your response to, “I’m hungry,” is, “Hi, Hungry.” If these statements apply to you, consider the following. 

Starts at $9.25 on Amazon.
$18.99 from Costco
Starts at $21.25 on Amazon
Starts at $38.34 on Amazon

Eviscerate the other fathers at the neighborhood barbecue with this reasonably priced and stylish ensemble. You will earn the coveted title of “World’s Best Dad” when you step on the scene looking like you walked off the set of HBO’s Silicon Valley. 

The Dude-Bro 

Saturdays are for the boys. You watch stocks during class but you don’t really know what any of those funny numbers mean. You told that girl she’d look better if she smiled more, because she would. You probably already dress like this.

Starts at $6.06 on Amazon
Starts at $13.63 on Amazon
Starts at $15.48 on Amazon
Starts at $37.99 on Amazon

Nothing quite says, “Do you know who my father is? What’s your name and badge number?” like a pair of loafers. Cover your drinks ladies, it’s the Dude Bro. 

Mr. Street Smart

Saturdays are everyday. Bank account on E. Shows up to class toasted. 

$9 from Thread    
$35 from Thread 
$72 from Thread
$52 from Thread

If it looks like you could have paid $50 for your outfit, but you actually shelled out more than $100, you are Mr. Street Smart.

Heaven’s Gate Cultist

Saturdays are for Earth being recycled. You live an ascetic lifestyle. You respond to “I’m hungry,” with, “Hi Hungry, are you ready to graduate to the next level?”

Starts at $8.35 on Amazon
Starts at $11.09 on Amazon
Starts at $63.80 on Amazon
$10 on Etsy

Who knew that graduating to a higher plane of existence could be achieved on such a modest budget.

Benjamin Kahn is a staff writer at the UB Post. He writes a weekly column, KahnJunction.

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