SGA, Faculty Senate, and Staff Senate Release Statement

On Thursday, June 11, leaders of the UB SGA, Faculty Senate, and Staff Senate released a statement expressing their solidarity with members of the University of Baltimore community who are struggling with the members of the UB community who are struggling with the recent heartbreaking and senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

The statement is published below:

We See You, We Hear You, and We Stand with You.

As the three individuals entrusted to lead the shared governance organizations at the University of Baltimore that represent the Students, Staff and Faculty, we have come together to stand in solidarity with the members of the UB community who are struggling with the recent heartbreaking and senseless deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. Events such as these shine a light on the ongoing systemic racism, police brutality, and persistent inequality faced by Black and other oppressed communities in the United States. As President Schmoke detailed last week, UB is committed to combatting racism and injustice in our community. Our university has countless initiatives engaging in this important work and a noted commitment to Civic and Democratic Engagement.

As a collective in collaboration with the Division of Student Success and Support Services, the three of us have agreed to further this necessary and just work by committing to do the following:

· Host an eight minute and forty-six second moment of silence via zoom for the UB community Thursday, June 18th at Noon. Several leaders of the UB Community will be invited to join the three of us on Gordon Plaza, as we share a moment to recognize, reflect and mourn these and the many other senseless deaths.

o Participants on campus will be asked to follow all necessary social distancing measures.

o More information will be shared soon via social media and other appropriate campus means of communication such as but not limited to DailyDigest, CampusGroups and email.

· Work together to create an ADHOC Committee bringing together students, staff, faculty, members of the Baltimore Police Department, University of Baltimore Police Department, Police Academy at UB and other appropriate parties. This committee will:

o Plan and host a forum held by UB that brings together the Baltimore Police Department, University of Baltimore Police Department and other leaders in the area to discuss real, tangible solutions to reduce and eliminate instances of police brutality that disproportionally effect oppressed communities in our city.

o Discuss the ongoing relationships we have as members of the same community and together create recommendations for UB to be an active partner in addressing the scourge of systemic racism.

It is our genuine desire in this challenging time to offer solidarity and support to our community. Whether you are called to advocate, reflect, listen or simply mourn in this moment, we want to offer our assistance. In our effort to do so we have included a list of anti-racism education and support resources available to the UB Community at the conclusion of this message. All too often Black or oppressed individuals are called upon to serve as our educators in these moments and are unable to spend time caring for themselves. Our intent in providing this information is to help lessen the burden on these individuals in this difficult time. Finally, we hope that this list can serve as a starting point for the necessary work that we each must commit to for positive and substantive change.

In closing, we collectively join President Schmoke in recognizing that every member of the UB community must commit themselves to the real, sustained effort that may lead us towards a better day. Though we may be currently separated by COVID-19, together we are strong and can ensure a welcoming community committed to progress, support and driven to end the pandemic of racism.


Daniel Khoshkepazi, Student Government Association

President Stephen “Mike” Kiel, University Faculty Senate,

President Pavan M Purswani, Staff Senate, Chair-Elect

Anti-Racist Educational Resources:

Support Resources for Black Community Members or Community Members of Color:  
Association of Black Psychologists Self-Care Tool Kit
Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective
Black Mental Health Alliance
Black Mental Wellness
Black Women’s Health Imperative
Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation
Community Healing Spaces
Emotional Emancipation Circles
Liberate App
Melanin and Mental Health
Ourselves Black
POC Online Classroom
The Safe Place App
Therapy for Black Girls
UB Employee Assistance Program
UB Student Assistance Program

Anti-Racist Educational Resources:
An Antiracist Reading List developed by Ibram X. Kendi
Anti-racism Resources
Anti-Racism Training (Free Training Module through 6/30)
Beyond the Hashtag: How to Take Anti-Racist Action in Your Life
Complete List of Books Recommended by
Complete List of Books Recommended by
Complete List of Books Recommended by
Helpful Resources for Educators at
Racial Equity Tools

Resources for White Accountability

The Anti-Racist Starter Pack by

A Commitment to Democratic Engagement
UB Votes Website