Honeycomb Hideout: Balancing School, Work, Life, and Everything Between

Dear Honeycomb Hideout,

School has started and I’m so stressed out. Everything seems to be piling up on top of me and all I want to do is climb back in bed and throw the covers over my head. I’m struggling to adjust to everything from online school, work, and personal time for myself, and let’s not even get around to mentioning a social life (or as much as possible during a pandemic). Any advice?

Sleepless on St. Paul Street

Dear Sleepless, 

Let me just say that what you’re feeling is something we all are. 

Reading this, it’s officially the second day of fall. I can speak for everyone here and say that, in the blink of an eye, we went from March to September. Spring break literally turned into one long prison sentence that somehow robbed most of us of the summer. 

Saying that, you either did one or two things in terms of social distancing: you quarantined or you didn’t and broke out constantly because you didn’t want to be cooped up. If the latter applied to you, you more than likely enjoyed house parties, bars, parks, and everything either because you could work from home or was out of work collecting larger-than-usual unemployment checks. Now, three months later, we’re all here with the world somewhat trying to get itself back on track. 

Yet, here you are, now used to Margarita Monday, Kickback Tuesdays, Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, and then weekend festivities. Maybe I’m projecting, but I also saw the same people when I was out on the daily so I’m going to assume you were one of them. 

Here’s my blunt advice: It’s time to get back into focus and find what we and experts call a healthy work-life balance. Balance means a lot of things, like cutting back on the amount of time spent with friends, dedicating a certain day to all of your school work, or even gathering all six infinity stones and wiping out half of the universe like the mad titan Thanos himself. Seriously,  only you know what you need in terms of a balanced schedule.

Personally, I love my giant whiteboard with my month planned out, allowing me to take time to set daily goals which can prove helpful. In this new Covid-19 world we’re all stressed out, so know that you’re not alone and it’ll get better as long as you keep trying to make it through.

Wash your hands, wear your mask, and if someone offers you a tequila shot they’re more likely trying to ruin your life. 


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