The Color Theory: Full Speed Into Hoodie Season

As the temperature begins to drop, nights grow longer and we no longer have to endure this humid, summer Maryland weather again for another year. Fall season is officially here! And more importantly, hoodie season is here to stay.

Photo Credit: Jeff Dominguez – The Sting

The modern day hoodie has been around for almost one hundred years – dating back to 1930 developed by the Knickerbocker Knitting Company, which would later be known as Champion.

Phillip Mak, writer for Frank and Oak, explains the creation of the hoodie as we know it today,. “It was first developed to help warehouse workers in New York to fight off cold weather.”. No one expected this to become in style, but later to become popularized by pop culture icons and athletes in the 90s.

Photo Credit: Jeff Dominguez – The Sting

Comfortability has always been the focal point of hoodies. What else do you think of when hoodies come to mind? Laziness? Sleeping in? Bad hair days? Netflix and Chill? Girlfriend stealing your hoodie? It all ties back to one thing: throwing on a hoodie and calling it a day and being comfortable in it.

It is one of the simplest forms of fashion you will ever encounter, so there is no need to overthink your fit. Hoodies have always been relevant to streetwear since the culture’s emergence.

Photo Credit: Jeff Dominguez – The Sting

But let’s not be mistaken for our love of hoodies, sweater weather is here too – and so are crewnecks, jackets, turtlenecks, and cardigans. They are all here to stay for a while like it always has been for generations.

In the words of Maya Rudolph, “Oh my god, it is Sweater Weather.”

Photo Credit: Jeff Dominguez – The Sting

Here’s a tip: whatever article of clothing (ex: your shirt, pants, shoes) you have chosen as your primary piece (the one you really want to wear for the day), make it as your emphasis – In this case, make your hoodie stand out from the rest of your outfit.

You can also refer back to my last post on The Color Theory: take a look at your patterns and designs of the hoodie – just like your shoes, but flip the idea. Take a look at your color scheme and see which colors clash and which colors compliment each other.

Whatever hoodie or sweatshirt you choose, feel free to wear any kind of denim jeans or black pants (ex: sweatpants, yoga pants, etc.) as your bottoms and white shoes to go with them. Denim and a black-white combo are always your safest complementaries when it comes to streetwear.

We are closing in on a pretty shitty year. So wear your sweatshirts and stay comfy in your favorite fits for the season.

Jeff Dominguez is the Communications Director for The Sting and writes The Color Theory, a bi-weekly fashion column.

Author: Jeff Dominguez

Jeff Dominguez is the Communications Director for The Sting. He is currently a Digital Communications major at the University of Baltimore.

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