It’s Election Night. Here’s How The Sting staffers are spending theirs.

It’s not a stretch to say that this year has been one for the history books. 

We’ve endured an ongoing pandemic, protests, murder hornets, and unexpected hurricanes. Not to mention, the passing of two civil rights icons,  former Congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis and Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

It seems that an election is all we need to test the limits of our sanity. 

In anticipation for what will certainly be an historic night, we’re offering a glimpse into how The Sting staff is spending their Election Night, in case anyone’s interested: 

Leonard Robinson, editor-in-chief 

I’m a self-confessed political junkie. I voted early by mail, but have no idea what will happen. My eyes are on Senate races in Kentucky, North Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia as they seem like they can heat up as Democrats attempt to take back the Senate and some local races in Baltimore City, especially my local city council race between Democrat Carl Stokes and Green Party candidate Franca Mueller Paz. 

I’m pretty sure that we will have no idea who is occupying the White House by tomorrow morning. 

I have class tomorrow morning at 9:30 so I’ll probably take it easy as I watch with friends at my new favorite DC bar, Red Derby (following all social distance protocols, of course). Cigars will definitely be apart of this. (Yes, Tony and I are still looking for “off-the-record cigar club” members) Maybe, you’ll get the occasional tweet from me as well- especially if things heat up in the nation’s capital as some believe it will

Tony Sheaffer, managing editor 

This semester, I’m enrolled in an Elections and Political Parties course. In addition to following the results from the presidential race, I’ll be following the results from the U.S. Senate race in Arizona between Martha McSally (R) and Mark Kelly (D) for a course project. I’m also anxious to see if Independent Bob Wallace can pull off an upset in the Baltimore mayoral race against Democrat Brandon Scott.

I’m hopeful that most of the local and congressional races may have a declared winner within the next day or so, but I’m sure it’ll be at least a week or two before we know if Trump or Biden will occupy the White House for the next four years. Unless one of the candidates is able to pull off a scenario like Ronald Reagan in 1984 (winning all states but one), get ready for a wild couple weeks to cap off a wild year.

As far as what I’m doing tonight, there’s a bottle of Casamigos with my name on it. I’ll be sitting in my living room sipping tequila while I flip through the major networks to see how the usual pundits are reacting. If things start going wrong, I’ll put on some records and try to relax. If things start going well, I’ll light up a couple of Cuban cigars I’ve saved for a special occasion. Who knows? I might even take after Leonard and make an elusive Twitter appearance as well.

Jeff Dominguez, Communications Director

This will be my first year voting and I am holding onto my seat just like anyone else for this election. I will admit, before I was not into politics like my colleagues, but being in an environment where it is important to know who you are voting for and who you want to be representing you are important (and your right) as a citizen of the United States.

Today will just be like any other day for me, since I voted early. I will be working on some projects for The Sting and for my portfolio. Adding onto that, I will be going to my daily routine of going to the gym and catching up on homework for the semester, while waiting for the results like every other person in America.

Flora Giakoumakis, Business Manager

I’m not very interested in politics and there’s plenty of talk on social media about both parties and the amount of pressure that they place on people to vote for them. People should take the time to educate themselves on both parties and every available office basing their vote off the information gathered. 

At first, I wasn’t sure of whether I wanted to stand in lines and vote, but ultimately did. As a result, I’ll be spending this evening doing homework with the results in the background.  I’m looking forward to the results and I hope a civil war doesn’t break out tomorrow, regardless of who wins.

Charles Rhem, Staff Writer

Growing up in Delaware, politics was always a small town local election type of thing. However, moving to Baltimore made me care more about political issues. I voted this morning at my local precinct, and unfortunately, due to currently studying for my LSATS, gave up drinking for two weeks. Thinking back, probably not my best decision going into such a major election.

Tonight’s menu is homemade pasta and watching election results come in until about 9:30. Then, I’ll take some Tylenol PM, awake tomorrow morning to hopefully see the results, and maybe even break my sobriety with a whiskey neat paired with my morning shower.

Tatiana Huang, Staff Writer

I’m a bit of a podcast nerd, and honestly most of what I’ve been listening to since 2016 has been political. I just finished catching up on this past weekend’s Lovett or Leave It, and I’m beginning to regret voting by mail. My vote’s been counted, that’s not the issue–I think I would’ve liked to be one of the folks counted today, live, instead of later. I’m paying close attention to senate races in Colorado, Arizona, and Georgia, and trying to keep myself from the existential dread of the presidential race.

Tonight, I’ll be grabbing drinks at The Backyard in Fells Point between 5-6pm, because they’re two for one and I need all the booze I can get. All of it. From there, I plan on picking up enough Chinese food for a family of four and stress eating while I play WoW and listen to NPR. 

Sierra Farrare, Staff Writer

At posting, Sierra was in line preparing to vote.

Kopper Boyd, Staff Writer

Tonight, I plan to focus on self-care. I’m not really into following the election closely, as the verdict will be the verdict regardless of how much I obsess over what’s happening. I’ve placed my vote so I’ve done my part. Paying too much attention to politics always makes me anxious, so I’m planning on opting out of the anxiety trip this time around. 

I’ll grab some Tropical Smoothie, which is always a treat for me, and relax at home. Most likely, I’ll take a bath with some salts and candles, read a good book, and listen to Sade. We’ve been living in a super stressful climate, so self-care and doing activities that keep me engaged and occupied have been at the forefront of my schedule. I hope that everyone does take some time tonight to do something for self, because it’s super important to stay as sane as you can in this atmosphere. 

Aaron Tucker, Copy Editor

Second time voter.  This was my first time ever casting a mail-in ballot.  Admittedly, I’ve kept informed this time around from a new (although unbalanced) political lens.

Four years ago, election night was quite the captivating viewing experience for me, much like watching Jack Bauer feverishly pound on calculator keys during an entire season finale of 24.  Tonight, I’ll be sleeping the whole thing through and waiting for everything to blow over like never.

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