Honeycomb Hideout: Handling Friends While Social Distancing

Photo: Liza Pooor

Dear Honeycomb Hideout, I have been dodging my friends almost all pandemic. It’s nothing personal but watching their Instagram stories they’re constantly out in public without masks, and I’ve been trying to take social distancing seriously.  Any advice on how to handle this? Sincerely, Six Feet Please. 

In short and simple terms, just tell them no because there are two cardinal rules we live by:  One, God is working on all of us and two, don’t put me at risk. Seriously though, we are currently in the middle of a very serious pandemic and the fact that your friends are trying to still have a hot girl summer, well it’s officially fall now but you get my point. I imagine at this point you’ve used all the classic excuses to get out of going like I’m not feeling well, I got a flat tire on the way, or it’s a f****** pandemic. I also want to take a moment to give you a round of applause – even if you can’t hear it I’m giving you a nice golf clap for actually taking this pandemic serious unlike your friends. With everything going on in the world wanting to keep yourself safe is nothing to feel bad about. If your friends are truly your friends, they will accept that you want to keep safe and respect that. I know how hard it is to be stuck in the house 24/7, especially with things opening up to limited capacity. My main advice on this is to stand strong on your beliefs of how you’ve been handling this pandemic. 

I will also offer some Covid-19 friendly things you can do with your friends. A huge thing that has become a hit is Zoom parties. Now I know you may be thinking I already spend eight hours a day behind a screen for my job already; why would I want to spend more time doing so? My answer to this is one: alcohol and two: your friends virtually sharing a space with you having fun. Taking time on a Friday night to sit at home safely blasting music, dance, laugh at jokes, and drink and be happy does wonders for you soul, trust me. I’m going to guess you’re writing me because you miss your friends and also miss your life on the outside.  

Stay strong, stay safe, and don’t forget to vote. 

Sincerely, HCHO 

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