Friday Groove: Fells Point’s not-so-hidden gem

Soundgarden in Fells Point, Baltimore.

Looking for a not-so-hidden gem in Fells Point?  

Fells Point’s SoundGarden record shop has a unique vibe that just invites you in to browse the isles for hours. As coronavirus restrictions are loosening, the friendly and helpful staff is eager for customers to come in and browse the stacks.  

Since 1993, the store has grown to become a prominent part of the Fells Point’s commercial scene earning numerous awards, including recognition from Baltimore magazine and Billboard in 2013. It has also never having changed owners or being sold, a rarity for Fells Point. It’s wide selection, of both new and preowned products, include vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, video games, board games, and other collectibles.  

During this holiday season, Soundgarden is putting on its own 25 Days of Christmas showcasing merchandise available for purchase this month. Air freshners, boardgames, and candles are at the heart of this deal. 

Take my word for it,  you should go to the SoundGarden and browse the selection and support small business this holiday season.  

Photo copyright: Baltimore Business Journal

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