A Tale of Two LSATS

Months after the start of a pandemic and lockdown, we have begun to take steps toward returning to normalcy.  

Enter the LSAT Flex here. This is a fun little test administered by the LSAC, or Law School Admission Council, who has been continuing efforts across the country for people to take the LSAT even as large testing centers are forced to remain closed.  

A friend of mine and I took our tests this year at the same time. Not only do we both attend the UB, but we have also taken on the task of studying three times a week for the three months prior to our test. We, finally, decided to settle on taking the test in November since it was the final test offered in 2020.  

Originally scheduled for Saturday, November 14th, we planned to take our exams online. Interestingly enough, unlike in-person exams, ours would be an hour shorter with only 3 portions instead of 5.  

It was running smoothly until it wasn’t.  

A week before the exam, we received an email from LSAC telling us to choose between the 7th, 9th, 10th, or the 11th, effectively making the test a week earlier than expected and costly as we had already taken off of work for the original date.  This was only the beginning.  

My friend chose November 10th and I chose November 11th .  

On November 10th, her computer and desktop fail the necessary processor run to take the test. An hour later, after waiting on hold, she is informed that she has missed her test time and will need to take the test in January before ultimately her to take the test later in the day. 

On November 11th, scarred by my friend’s story, I decided to take 3 computers with me to avoid the same issue. Thankfully, this isn’t where my problems lied.   

The test, however, was similar to practice tests taken previously with similar structure and timing. Let’s just say that months after highlighting and other strategies at my disposal, taking the exam via computer was a change of pace.  

In case you’re curious as to how I did, let’s say that I’ll be definitely taking it again.  

Charles Rhem is a staff writer for The Sting.

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