Parksville Crabs, A Frequent SEB Partner, Begins Recovery After Fatal Accident

Image Source: News Break

Parksville Crabs, a frequent SEB partner, was involved in a fatal accident on Friday, December 18. 

Shortly after 12:30 PM, a car drove through the front window of the restaurant located on Harford Road in northeastern Baltimore County. Both the car’s driver and passenger, despite extensive damage to the building, did not sustain any injuries. 

Debris from the crash, however, ultimately claimed the life of Deanna Jean Allik, an employee of the restaurant who lived nearby. 

“Parkville Crabs is and has been a great partner of [UB and the SEB] … their number one priority is the community they serve,” said Kevin McHugh, former Student Events Board president who coordinated with Parkville Crabs for last year’s Crab Feast. “What has happened was profoundly devastating, and I hope that they come back better than ever with the support of the Baltimore community.”

This year’s crab feast was cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

A GoFundMe page has been established to support Parksville Crabs and the Allik’s family during this critical time. 

Jennifer Peach, a spokesperson for the Baltimore County Police Department, said that the accident seemed purely accidental but reminded the public that vehicular fatality investigations take at least ‘a month or two’. No arrests or charges have been made at this time. 

Graham Antreasian is a staff writer for The Sting

Author: grahamantreasian

Staff writer for University of Baltimore online publication, The Sting. Senior at UB. B.A. candidate in Politics, Policy and International Affairs. Interests: travel, politics, long distance interstate cycling, reading/writing, vinyl/music collector

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