The Color Theory: Four Looks

Going into this week, I needed some inspiration. I was looking through some old posts made from previous UB students (which you should definitely check out in the archives page), and I found this article made by recent graduate Benjamin Kahn – who I can say is the “predecessor” of The Color Theory.

Ben wrote a weekly column on men’s fashion called Kahnjucntion – hence, his last name (no?). After he left and graduated from UB, I stepped in and rebranded his fashion column into an influential streetwear column. So anyways, shout out to you Ben!

Here are four looks based on the type of persona you can define yourself with:

The Anime Fanatic

Whether you are an anime fan, or just simply like graphic tees, this one is for you! Maybe add a bomber jacket with this fit too?

The Photoshoot Fresh

Don’t be afraid of looking tacky – sometimes GOOD accidents happen. Here, I found a really bright and vibrant button-up from H&M and built my outfit from there.

Seems like button-ups will never go out of style, as it always makes you look more clean and crisp. All in all, just pretend that you are going to model for someone or going out on a date, you want to have a good impression!

The Simple, Yet Laid-Back

Still want to make a good impression, but don’t want to put so much effort into your look? Neutral colors are the way to go! A mix of white, black, and (maybe) grey can be incorporated into your outfit for this very simple look.

The Rockstar

Be influenced by your favorite musicians and take a look at their wardrobe. Another thing to note, bring their album art into life with your own style of streetwear. For example, you might of seen people reflecting their look with Tyler The Creator’s Flower Boy album.

Jeff Dominguez is the Communications Director for The Sting and writes The Color Theory, an influential fashion column.

Author: Jeff Dominguez

Jeff Dominguez is the Communications Director for The Sting. He is currently a Digital Communications major at the University of Baltimore.

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