Honeycomb Hideout: Springtime Sadness

Dear Honeycomb Hideout,

 I’ve recently felt down in the dumps. I know we all are going through something but between the snow and covid fatigue I just feel like it’s never going to end. What should I do to get me out of this slump? 

-Restless in Remington 

Well my friend, like you said we are all going through it so the fact you’re able to realize this may make this advice work for others too. Let’s start with the basics. The months after the holidays are usually harder on our mental health than any other time of the year.

Days are shorter. Nights are colder. The most romantic holiday of the year just passed and maybe you spent it alone. As students, we’re officially in our “sophomore slump” of Zoom university with no end in sight. 

Part of your bad feelings could’ve come from Mercury doing the renagade, but that’s only because a right swipe on Tinder told me my “Sun is in Taurus.” That’s why I have trust issues. 

Seriously though, this has not been a good time at all for any of us but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

As we approach the pandemic’s first birthday, it gives a chance to reflect on everything that we’ve been through over the last year. Hopefully while being isolated from the world, you’ve taken a chance to learn more about yourself. Even if it’s something as simple as learning you enjoy making bread, reading weird books, breaking down and downloading TikTok, or whatever got you through.

On the upside of things, the weather is officially starting to break. Days are going back to being longer and warmer. Another thing to think about is that vaccines are being pushed out, so even though you may not qualify for your shot yet, the spread of infection is beginning to slow. We are approaching springtime and this year, universe willing, we will not be locked down. 

So just like spring, take the time to enjoy the new beginning. Go outside, interact with friends and family, and enjoy life. The world is doing it’s best to return to normal and it’s time for you to do the same. Go out there and live. I want to hear back from you three months from now as “Rowdy in Remington” not “Restless.”

So in the meantime wear your mask, wash your hands, and get some sunshine. 


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