The Color Theory: The 90’s Are Back

Photo: Joshua Rondeau (Unsplash)

Ladies, how many of you are digging through your mom’s closet right now? If not, you definitely should! As some of you may have heard, 90’s fashion has skyrocketed back into the fashion realm in recent memory. Fashion influencers and major celebrities, such as Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, are becoming “re-inspired” (as you may say) by hopping onto this nostalgic trend.

“The ’90s have had a long, bad reputation when it comes to modern fashion – the pieces associated with it remains among the most fun and offbeat in a woman’s wardrobe” (Lifestyle Asia Magazine)

When it comes to the ’90s, what is one piece of clothing that you think of first? Baggy jeans, blazers, starter jackets, fanny packs? The list goes on.

Photo: Cindy Crawford (CR Fashionbook)

Well, my curious reader, seems like baggy jeans are back in style and are here to stay in 2021. With our new way of living and working, baggy jeans seem to benefit us more in our present time. With its ultra-wide legs, baggy clothes give you comfortability without living behind the fashion. Many have embraced this ongoing trend, referring to this phase as one of their favorite clothing styles to date. 

The “baggy cut” seems like it is only exclusive for jeans. It meshes well with different types of pant material, such as: cargo, perforated, faded, asymmetrical, in leather or imitation leather, ripped, and color coordinated to complement various styles.

Photo: Nicholas Cage on SNL (Getty Images)

Since the reemergence of baggy clothes, other 90’s trends survived the test of time. Some may consider the sophisticated blazer jacket being a timeless gem – landscaping across all different kinds of generations throughout different eras. For all you fashionistas out there, you may have seen different levels of blazers making an appearance on the runway in many fashion boutiques and shows. Before, blazers with vibrant colors and loud prints were very popular – according to Darcy Schild and Erin McDowell from Insider

Nowadays, blazers are increasingly focusing more on simplicity with the use of solid colors (such as: black, beige, brown, and nudes). What makes this piece of clothing so timeless is its versatility. You can combine blazers with jeans, dresses, baggy shirts, graphic tees, or leather pants – for all you 90’s connoisseurs. If you want to be a lot more brave, you can wear a silky dress with a blazer and still look CHIC!

Photo: Victoria Beckham (Who What Wear)

Personally, I cannot live without a blazer in my wardrobe. The most recent combination I have done with a blazer was wearing it under a black turtleneck shirt, leather miniskirt, and a pair of Dr. Martens – otherwise, known as a pair of “chunky boots”. However, if you are not a skirt/dress person, a pair of baggy jeans would go perfectly well with your outfit of the day.

Happy Nostalgia!

Artjona Lireza is a staff writer for The Sting

Author: Artjona Lireza

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

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