Honeycomb Hideout: Getting Back Out There

Dear Honeycomb Hideout,

With vaccines and everything opening back up with spring, I feel like it’s time for me to get back out there. I have been swiping through the whole pandemic and after talking to a few people I have a few I want to meet up with. Do you have any advice for someone who has been out of the game for the last year? 

Your friend, 

Back Out in Baltimore

First, let me say welcome back to the outside world BoB! 

Let’s start by getting to the most basic piece of advice I can give in any dating situation, which is be yourself. No matter how fun, crazy or sad you are, just be that. 

Now thinking about how Spring is around the corner and the weather is getting warmer offers you some more options when it comes to going on dates. There’s plenty of outdoor dining all over the city or you could take a stroll around Federal Hill or Patterson Park. 

There’s also the option of walking around the Harbor or Fells Point, however I recommend bringing a jacket because it gets cold by the water. These are just some basic ideas of some date options for you but whatever you and the other person want to do, go for that.

Now about how you’ve been fever swiping: it sounds like you’ve built up quite the roster to choose from. You can play this many ways. You could go into like the bachelor/bachelorette or even like the hunger games where only the strongest competitor survives. However, I just live for chaos so maybe you won’t look at it that way. 

Thankfully all the power is in your hands so I recommend going with your gut and just feel things out. We’re all coming out of this pandemic together and we’re all going to be a little socially awkward and not pick up on social cues cause we’ve been on house arrest the last year.  

Regardless, just get back out there! This pandemic has taken a lot from everyone and life is meant to be lived, so do exactly that. 


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