Best Food Spots Around UBalt

Photo: Louis Hansel – Unsplash

Aren’t you tired of trying to find a place to eat around UBALT? Well, lucky for you because I have a few suggestions for you. 

If you are a breakfast person and want to grab something quick near school, Belvedere Bagels and Grill is the perfect spot for you! Only a few blocks away from our campus, this place offers mouth-watering bagels and pancakes – such as Garlic, Salt, Multigrain, Poppyseed, Cinnamon, Raisin, Onion and more! Plus, your traditional homemade blueberry pancakes.

The interior of the restaurant is casual and quite simple. The restaurant has a rating of 4.5 stars on Google reviews – evidently, it is highly favored among alumni and staff here at the university. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, you cannot dine-in but I would not sleep on this place!

If you are into international food, Tapas Teatro Cafe offers a variety of food – from traditional Spanish food to seafood to vegan food. According to The Grub Factory, this restaurant is also rated 4.5 stars. 

“SO good! The vegan food here is impressively good! I eat mostly vegan (and sometimes vegetarian), and this food rivals (and surpasses) many I’ve had. We ordered a sandwich, vegan mac ‘n cheese with coconut bacon and each had a Kombucha to split. Flavorful. This food is made with love. Delicious. Seating is limited inside. You can order to take out. My recommendation would be to arrive early as this place gets busy, fast, a testament to how good this place is! We arrived around 5 o’clock, and it filled up quickly, and within half an hour had at least a dozen people arriving to pick up take-out orders. Highly recommend this place!!!” says one of the reviewers commented on The Grub Factory.

When you walk inside Tapas, you can’t help but notice the artwork and their captivating decor. The theme revolves around Spanish, African and Egyptian culture (including an artist named Docta Toonz). Definitely check this place out!

Sammy’s Trattoria is one of my personal favorites – since my tenure at UBALT. I consider this restaurant as one of the hidden gems in Baltimore. The simple ambiance is bolstered by traditional Italian food and a great selection of adult beverages. This is a great place to dine with old friends and meet new ones. If you love Italian food as I do, you must try their brick oven pizza. The taste is immaculate and (of course) very different from an electric oven pizza. Sammy’s Trattoria is also a few blocks away from the student center – approximately 0.2 miles away. You will be able to relax and enjoy some great food during your leisure time and in between classes once campus opens back up again in the fall. 

Other food places that I would recommend are 

  • Turp’s Sports Bar & Restaurant
  • Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant
  • Cafe 1908
  • Never On Sunday

Bon Appetit!

Artjona Lireza is a staff writer for The Sting. She is a Digital Communications student at the University of Baltimore.

Author: Artjona Lireza

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

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