• In Washington, Chauvin guilty verdict is call to pass police reform measures

    By JALEN WADE, JOY SAHA, JENNIFER MANDATO and CLARA LONGO DE FREITASCapital News Service Washington BureauAfter a jury on Tuesday found former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Democratic congressional leaders saw the verdict as a call to enact news laws against nationwide … Continue reading “In Washington, Chauvin guilty verdict is call to pass police reform measures”

  • Honeycomb Hideout: Another Year Older, But Wiser?

    Dear Honeycomb Hideout, My birthday is coming up. I won’t reveal my age, but it’s 20 something.  Looking at the last year, I realized that I haven’t done as much as I wanted, and the idea of turning older is weighing on me hard. Do you have any advice on how to relieve some of … Continue reading “Honeycomb Hideout: Another Year Older, But Wiser?”

  • Cicadas will soon invade the state of Maryland

    By MADISON HUNT Capital News Service Annapolis Bureau Brood X, a new generation of cicadas, will begin to show up in Maryland in the next few weeks,  after a 17-year-long hiatus.  These periodical cicadas  — cicadas that emerge every 17 years — are only found along the eastern half of the United States, according to experts.  … Continue reading “Cicadas will soon invade the state of Maryland”

  • Disparities in COVID-19 vaccine allocation prompt state equity initiatives

    BY SARA CHERNIKOFF AND THERESA COTTONCapital News Service Statewide disparities in COVID-19 vaccinations expose barriers that underserved populations face in avoiding life-threatening infection. Maryland’s early vaccination rollout shows a pattern of racial disparity mostly among Black and Latino residents.  Healthcare disparities hold a firm grip on communities of color in Maryland, a reality that has … Continue reading “Disparities in COVID-19 vaccine allocation prompt state equity initiatives”

  • Maryland looks to establish LGBTQ commission

    By TOM HINDLE Capital News Service Annapolis Bureau Del. Lily Qi recounted their stories to the House committee. There was the patient who was asked to leave her doctor’s office when she told her physician she was a lesbian.  There was the parent who was told to move to a different city when talking to a … Continue reading “Maryland looks to establish LGBTQ commission”